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KEIBA Pliers

The Maruto Hasegawa Kosakujo company was founded in 1924 in Sanjo, Japan, a city with a long tradition in metal working. At first the company manufactured only traditional Japanese clamps, and only later developed their current specialization, making high-quality pliers. Today Maruto Hasegawa Kosakujo is, with their trademark KEIBA, the largest and most innovative manufacturer of pliers in Japan.
High Grade series
The KEIBA High Grade series of pliers combine the easiest action with excellent precision, thanks to a brass bearing plate in their hinge. You will be amazed at how the combination makes work easier. KEIBA Zangen der High Grade Serie sind die leichtestgängigen Zangen überhaupt dank der Verwendung von Messinglagern in den Gelenken. Sie werden staunen, wie Ihnen diese Eigenschaft die Arbeit erleichtert.
elaborate and long hardening and tempering process
The forged part of the pliers is carefully made in an elaborate and long hardening and tempering process that takes place over more than 14 hours in a computer-controlled kiln. The result is a very hardness at 62 HRC on the working surfaces, in combination with a durability that guarantees a long service life. This specialty CR-V70C-Steel, from Kobe Steel, and the special and costly manufacturing process together mean that the working faces of the pliers will last longer even than other pliers of similar hardness, as any brittleness is greatly reduced by the steel alloy and the long tempering process.
even when rusty they still work perfectly well
Even if the pliers are allowed to rust, they still work perfectly well, thanks to the brass bearing plate in the hinge between the two parts!
testing process
Each model of KEIBA Pliers is subjected to a very long testing process, in which they are opened and closed countless times. After this testing wear on the hinge is virtually undetectable.
The town Sanjo, where Keiba is producing, is so much associated with toolmaking that even sewer covers are decorated with tools.
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