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Jigata Nata - Japanese Cleaver

Jigata Nata - Japanese Cleaver

A "Nata" is a very versatile tool for use in gardening and forestry. It is used to chop kindling, cut or prune trees and bushes, and for splitting smaller logs, and debarking. Nata are normally sharpened only on the right side of the blade, so they can be used to prune branches right at the stem or trunk of a tree.

Tip for safe wood splitting
Tip for safe wood splitting: Strike the top of the cleaver with a wooden, (Never steel!) hammer or maul when splitting wood. Always use a chopping block under the wood to be split to protect the edge of the cleaver.
Tip to reduce accidents
Tip to reduce accidents: Never strike horizontally against thinner stems growing straight up, like bamboo, for instance. The risk of kickback is significant and can lead to serious injuries.
Tip on care
Tip on care: This Nata is not stainless! After use, clean and dry tool well with a rag. This should be done from the back of the blade. Then a light coat of oil will help prevent rust buildup.
Jigata Nata - Japanese Cleaver
The heavy blade is made of two layers, a hard carbon steel to form the cutting edge forge welded to a softer, tougher, iron back for strength and durability. The grip is made of white oak, and the cleaver comes with a belt sheath in artificial leather. Wood cleaver with belt sheath. Not stainless! Manufactured by KANENORI in Sanjo, Japan.

Jigata Nata Blade Length 165 mm
Blade width 52 mm
Blade thickness 7 mm
Total length 350 mm
Total weight 700 g
Code 313670CartPrice € 55.00

Jigata Nata Blade Length 180 mm
Blade width 52 mm
Blade thickness 7 mm
Total length 370 mm
Total weight 750 g
Code 313671CartPrice € 59.00
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