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JESSEM Router Table Platform

The JessEm Tool company located in Canada is introducing innovative product solutions for woodworkers around the world. Their philosophy is "deeply routed" in offering the highest level of quality at affordable prices. JessEm serves some of the most skillful and creative people and companies in the woodworking industry. JessEm's mission is to continuously inspire the evolution of woodworking and challenge everyone to "raise the bar" to the next level.

When JessEm invented the Router Lift in 1999 little was known that it would create a whole new category in woodworking or that it would be credited as one of the top innovations in the woodworking industry in the past 25 years. Since JessEm invented the category they are determined to build the best available.
JESSEM Mast-R-Top Router Table Top
24 x 32 inch (610 x 813 mm)
The ultimate table top material for todays hi-tech woodworking machinery is Jessem's laminated phenolic. Phenolic is one of the strongest, most stable and durable materials available for an industrial strength work surface.

This table top is 3/4 inch (19 mm) thick and will not warp, sag, swell or corrode. Phenolic is the step up material for todays woodworking pros and virtually renders melamine an obsolete option for long term professional use.

The Mast-R-Top is available pre-machined for Jessem's Rout-R-Lift II, Mast-R-Lift II, Rout-R-Lift Prestige or Rout-R-Plate.

The underside is also pre-drilled for Jessem's Mast-R-Fence II, Rout-R-Fence and Rout-R-Table Stand. All Mast-R-Top's have an extruded aluminum track with a t-slot for standard 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) hex head bolts or hex nuts and standard 3/4 inch (19 mm) miter slot. Table comes with 26 pcs. 10-24 x 1/2 inch torx drive and torx25 screwdriver.
Stand NOT included!
Code 332070CartPrice € 249.00
Set JESSEM Corner and Side Levelling Pads In case you want to make your own table, these separately available set of pads will help you to create a professional solution.
In package included:
  • 2 x 4 pcs. side levelling pads
  • 1 pc. 3 mm hex key for levelling screws
  • 12 pcs. M6 x 35 mm set screws
  • 12 pcs. M6 hex nuts
  • 22 pcs. #10 x 3/4 inch pan head machine screws
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JESSEM Router Table Stand ALTS made of aluminium - new model The new stand is much stronger and more durable than the old model. Its manufactured out of extruded aluminum and the stand is adjustable from 34 inch up to 36 inch. This stand has t-slots running the length of each leg so other features or accessories, one might have, can adapt to it. The inside of the stand has perfect 90 degree angle corners so a cabinet can be built and simply dropped right into place. All the hardware is stainless steel so there will be no rusty nuts or bolts either. We understand that this stand costs a lot more than most stands however with the quality, strength and other features this stand offers, it is certainly worth the money.
  • Fits all JessEm router table tops and Mast-R-Lift Excel table.
  • Dimensions are 35 inch (89 cm) high x 26 inch (66 cm) wide x 22 inch (56 cm deep.
Currently not in stock!
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4 Piece Double Locking Caster Set for new JESSEM Rout-R-Table Stand
Mounted on leg
Currently not in stock!
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JESSEM Phenolic Rout-R-Plate Here is a perfectly flat, rigid and durable mounting solution for reliable use in any router table application. The insert dimensions of the Rout-R-Plate are the same size as the Mast-R-Lift and the Rout-R-Lift and will also fit Jessem's solid phenolic Mast-R-Top and the high pressure double laminated MDF top.

The Rout-R-Plate includes a convenient 12 mm centerhole bushing used to align the router so it is centered in the bit hole. Simple step by step instruction make accurately drilling and mounting any router easy to accomplish. The plate centerhole is machined to accept a 3-1/2 inch (89 mm) raised panel bit. Two insert rings are included: one with hole diameter 30 mm and one with 51 mm. Additional insert ring sets are available separately.
  • 1 pc. Rout-R-Plate 11-3/4 x 9-1/4 x 3/8 inch
    (298 x 235 x 9.5 mm)
  • 1 pc. insert wrench
  • 1 pc. insert ring hole diameter 30 mm
  • 1 pc. insert ring hole diameter 51 mm
  • 1 pc. router centering bushing hole diameter 12 mm
  • 1 pc. allen key 1/8 inch
  • 1 pc. allen key 5/32 inch
  • 1 pc. starting pin
  • 4 pcs. flat head screws M6 x 35 mm
  • 4 pcs. flat head screws UNC 1/4 inch x 20 mm
  • 10 pcs. set screws
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JESSEM 4-part blank insert ring set without pre-drilled holes for JessEm lifts and router plates As above but without pre-drilled centre holes for making customized zero-clearance inserts. You can also use these insert rings to cover the recess and so keep sawdust, small tools, and loose hardware out of your router when it is not in use.
Code 332021CartPrice € 21.90
10-piece insert ring set with pre-drilled holes for JessEm lifts and router plates

A large selection of different hole diameters offers even more opportunity to reduce the space between the milling cutter and the milling table. The blank plate can serve as a protective cover against dust and dirt. Or use it to drill a hole with a diameter of a size not available with any of the other nine rings. Supplied in a practical stand for ordered storage.

Diameter of holes:
0 inch (0 mm) undrilled!
1/4 inch (6.35 mm)
3/8 inch (9.5 mm)
1/2 inch (12.7 mm)
3/4 inch (19.05 mm)
1 inch (25.4 mm)
1-1/4 inch (31.75 mm)
1-1/2 inch (38.1 mm)
1-3/4 inch (44.45 mm)
2-1/4 inch (57.15 mm)
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JESSEM Mast-R-Fence II

JESSEM Mast-R-Fence II


JESSEM Mast-R-Fence II
JESSEM Mast-R-Fence II The most advanced router table fence in its price range. The Mast-R-Fence II looks as beautiful as its function and features dual track fastening system with adjustable scales that can be set for a zero-reference and fast, repeatable set-ups. Jessem also added a scale along the top face for the Fence-Stop accessory (available separately). The fence is constructed of precision machined 6061 aluminum with a red anodized finish. The fence glides smooth in the tracks and locks firm with the twist of the "high-boy" lock-down knobs.

The Mast-R-Fence II has been developed with high density fiberboard sub-fence faces that have been edge banded for long life. The sub-fence faces can be adjusted tool free with convenient locking knobs on the backside of the fence. The dust port fitting is designed with an inside diameter that accepts a 2-1/4 inch (57 mm) diameter vacuum hose fitting and outside diameter that accepts a 2-1/2 inch (63.5 mm) vacuum hose fitting. Also, included with the fence is Jessem's unique fence face shimming bars. These bars are made of anodized aluminum with one side designed to offset the fence face 1/32" and the other 1/16". When not in use they conveniently store on the backside of the fence.
JessEm code: #04010

Technical Specs:
  • Fence dimensions 36 inch (914 mm) long X 4 inch (102 mm) high X 3-5/8 inch (92 mm) deep
  • Fits tables from 24 inch (610 mm) to 32 inch (813 mm) long
  • Fits tables from 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) to 1-1/4 inch (32 mm) thick
  • Dust Port dimensions 2-1/4 inch (57 mm) inside diameter X 2-1/2 inch (63.5 mm) outside diameter
  • Fence face dimensions 2-1/2 inch (63.5 mm) high X 17-3/4 inch (451 mm) long each

FenceThe Mast-R-Fence II includes Jessem's unique shimming bars. These bars are made of anodized aluminum with one side designed to offset the fence face 1/32 inch (0.8 mm) and the other 1/16 inch 1.6 mm). When not in use they conveniently store on the backside of the fence.
FenceThe Mast-Fence II offers enough T-Tracks front and back for any type of jig or hold down configuration you can dream up.
FenceThe Mast-Fence II fits all tabletops from 24 inch (610 mm) to 32 inch (813 mm) wide and from 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) to 1-1/4 inch (32 mm) thick.
Code 332082CartPrice € 229.00
JESSEM Fence Stop Designed to slide along the top fence track of Rout-R-Fence and Mast-R-Fence and lock firm in any position you choose. The fence stop is machined from 6061 aluminum with a black anodized finish.
Code 332081CartPrice € 39.50
JESSEM TA Router Fence

The latest router table fence offering from Jessem. The TA Fence is a serious step up from the Mast-R-Fence II, not only a stunning piece if engineering, but practical and packed with features for setup on any router table.

A big improvement on the Mast-R-Fence II is the new dual track fastening system. With the TA Fence you get a much beefier and ridged system, with improved adjustable scales that can be set for a zero-reference and fast, repeatable set-ups. The TA fence itself is now constructed entirely of precision machined 6061 aluminium with a black anodized finish. The TA Fence glides super smoothly in the tracks and locks firm with the twist of the "high-boy" lock-down knobs, now also upgraded and machined from solid blocks of stainless steel.

In fact, the whole TA Fence system has left no stone unturned in the pursuit of quality and ease of use. The sub-fence faces are hard anodized aluminium and machined to a tolerance of less than 0.1 mm (0.004 inches) and can be adjusted tool free with the same convenient locking knobs on the backside of the fence. However these too are now machined from stainless steel and are much easier to use than the standard plastic knobs. The dust port fitting remains the same as the Mast-R-Fence II with an inside diameter that accepts a 57 mm (2-1/4 inch) diameter vacuum hose fitting and outside diameter that accepts a 63.5 mm (2-1/2 inch) vacuum hose fitting.

The big difference with the TA Fence system is the lack of the shimming bars. These have been replaced by a pair of micro adjusters that “step out“ the outfeed fence in increments of approx. 0.8 mm per full turn of the adjusters. This system addition has to be seen to be believed. No more playing around with shimming, each turn of each adjuster gives you a perfectly accurate setting every time. Then just lock the setup, again using high quality knobs, ensuring no “play“ in the system.

Another handy new feature is the adjustable bit guard, meaning that cuts made away from the fence can still be achieved with the same safety as against the fence cuts. Perfect for dados.

The TA Fence system is a significant improvement on the Mast-R-Fence II, but at a comparable price difference as well. However, the new TA Fence has once again shown to us just what Jessem Tools is capable of producing both in terms of unequalled quality and ease of use.

A truly great product.
JessEm code: #04500

Technical Specs:

  • Fence dimensions 914 mm (36 inch) long X 102 mm (4 inch) high X 92 mm (3-5/8 inch) deep
  • Fits tables from 610 mm (24 inch) to 813 mm (32 inch) long
  • Fits tables from 12.7 mm (1/2 inch) to 32 mm (1-1/4 inch) thick
  • Dust Port dimensions 57 mm (2-1/4 inch) inside diameter X 63.5 (mm2-1/2 inch) outside diameter
  • Fence face dimensions 63.5 mm (2-1/2 inch) high X 451 mm (17-3/4 inch) long each

Code 332087CartPrice € 459.00
JESSEM Mite-R-Slide II - a great addition to your JessEm Router Table

Keeping with the high standard of quality that JessEm develops, and always looking to improve on their products. Jessem is proud to introduce the all “New” Mite-R-Slide II. The Mite-R-Slide II is a unique coping accessory for your router table. The Mite-R-Slide II slides onto the T-slot on the top of the fence which makes set up of the Mite-R-Slide II is quick and easy. When you are done with your project, simply slide it off your fence and put it onto your shelf till next time.

The Mite-R-Slide II is engineered for precise angle and square coping cuts, crosscuts and other end milling operations on a router table. The Mite-R-Slide II Gauge is rotatable 45° to the left. Depending on your project, set the desired angle on the Mite-R-Slide II and lock the position in with a twist of our heavy duty handle machined from solid aluminum and anodized with a beautiful champagne finish. The Gauge of the Mite-R-Slide II is machined from aluminum and is anodized to a nice black finish and laser engraved, giving you the best coping results possible.

In addition to the high caliber Mite-R-Slide II gauge, the impressive engineering in the roller assembly takes this coping accessory to a whole new level. Four Acetal rollers, each with its own bearings, and each turning on a specially machined stainless steel roller pivot all fastened to a beautifully machined anodized aluminum mount. All combined giving a smooth back and forth motion for great coping, crosscuts and end mill operations.

In addition, the Mite-R-Slide II has been equipped with a clear guard mounted to a swing assembly that enables the guard to move with the Mite-R-Slide II fence, as you push stock through the bit. The Guard Assembly is designed and machined from aluminum and anodized for lasting durability.

The Mite-R-Slide II is assembled completely with stainless steel hardware. As well, the fence adjustment knobs and guard mounting knobs are machined from stainless steel.

The Mite-R-Slide II will fit the following JessEm Router Fences: Mast-R-Fence II (Model #04010) and the brand new TA Fence (Model #04500).
Manual, english/français
JessEm code: #06100

  • Cross Cutting Guide for Router Table
  • Unique guide assists holding stock while routing the narrow edge
  • Fence can be angled 45° to 90° to your router table fence
  • Rides on ball bearing mounted rollers on the top of your router table fence
  • Includes guard assembly to keep hands away from router bit
  • Designed for use with JessEm router table fences #04010 and #04500 (our item codes: #332082 and 332087)
  • Machined from 6000 series aluminium
  • Solid extruded Aluminium Sub Fence - Hard Anodized
  • Heavy duty locking handle - Anodized for durability
  • Gauge rotes 45° to the left
  • Unique roller assembly allows for easy mounting to JessEm's #04010 and #04500 Router Table Fences
  • Stainless Steel Guard Adjustment Knobs and Fence Adjustment Knobs
  • Unique adjusting guard assembly
  • Adjustable stops mount to your fence to ensure your stop position is set
Code 332085CartPrice € 329.00
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