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Japanese Claw Hammers

Japanese Claw Hammers


Japanese Claw Hammers These traditional claw hammers let you work effectively and with precision. The diameter of the hammer face is the same size as the cheeks of the hammer head so that you can work accurately adjacent to vertical surfaces. The claw on the opposite side is precision-forged for effortless removal of nails. The length of the handle ensures that even hammers with smaller heads have a hefty strike force. The striking face is smooth. The handle is made of Japanese white oak.

Head weight Total length Face diameter Head length CodePrice
230 g 390 mm 25 mm 125 mm
Code 313402CartPrice € 21.50
280 g 390 mm 27 mm 125 mm
Code 313403CartPrice € 22.50
355 g 390 mm 29 mm 135 mm
Code 313404CartPrice € 23.50
480 g 390 mm 30 mm 150 mm
Code 313405CartPrice € 25.50

Japanese Claw Hammer with stainless steel head The same basic design as above, but with a stainless steel head and an extra long handle for an even higher strike force. Even if your work takes you outside where your tools are exposed to the elements, this hammer head will still look good after years of use.

Head weight Total length Face diameter Head length CodePrice
280 g 450 mm 27 mm 125 mm
Code 313406CartPrice € 79.00
355 g 450 mm 29 mm 135 mm
Code 313407CartPrice € 85.00
480 g 450 mm 31 mm 150 mm
Code 313408CartPrice € 89.00
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