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Veritas Quick-Release Front Vise

Front Vise

Using the same quick-release mechanism as the Veritas tail vise, this front vise has a simple on-off cam lever to engage or disengage the Acme-threaded screw, allowing it to apply up to 400 lb of force in either clamping or spreading applications. The screw mechanism provides 12-1/4 inch (311 mm) of overall travel (less the thickness of your wooden jaw and bench apron). Tight body tolerances result in minimal jaw sag, even at full extension. An extruded aluminum screw cover keeps debris out of the screw mechanism and prevents the workpiece from contacting the lubricated screw.

Mounts easily to the underside of a bench
Straightforward to install in new construction or as a retrofit to an existing bench, the vise requires an unobstructed mounting area on the underside of the bench top at least 12 inch (305 mm) wide by 16 inch (407 mm) deep (with a 2 inch thick bench apron and a 1-3/4 inch thick jaw) (51 mm and 45 mm).

The body is ductile iron with zinc-alloy endplates, steel shafts and guide rods, and a maple handle. Mounting instructions and hardware included.

Front Vise

Front Vise

All parts shown here are included

All parts shown here are included.

Instructions (PDF)

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