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At the online store Dieter Schmid Fine Tools, you will find the best hand tools, carefully chosen from around the world for cabinet makers, carpenters, wood turners, sculptors, and all the other woodworking disciplines. Fine saws, planes, chisels, axes, carving tools, sharpening stones, drill bits, router bits: take a moment and enjoy the large selection, complete descriptions, and many helpful tips for getting the best out of the tools.

We like to offer the most complete selection of tools possible, leaving nothing to be desired for even the most demanding craftsman. For example you will find about 90 different Japanese saws, 200 types of sharpening stones, 190 hand planes, and more than 700 drill bits. Hard-to-find items, like Forstner bits in 17 mm or 100 mm, or our bits in inch sizes, can be found, in stock, at Fine Tools.

Our aim and our challenge is to provide the highest quality tools at reasonable prices and to be able to deliver them to you as quickly as possible: 98% of the more than 7,000 items we offer at are in stock and can be shipped the same day.

Dieter Schmid Fine Tools was founded in 1996 as a retail store in Berlin, and our online store began selling to customers world-wide in 1999.

You can expect a standard of advice that matches the standard of the goods we sell and is rooted in our professional experience.

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