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FLEXCUT Detail Jack, Pocket Jack, Carving Jack, Whittling Jack

FLEXCUT Detail Jack, Pocket Jack, Carving Jack, Whittling Jack

In 1992 Flexcut began manufacturing a new breed of wood carving tools to address the needs of the modern hobbyist and professional. Carving tool design had not changed much since the industrial revolution, although the people practicing woodcarving did. Designed with an intimate knowledge of woodcarving itself, this new innovation has grown in popularity and variety.

The Flexcut folding multi-tools are designed for woodcarvers and general woodworking. Their unique locking device allows for other than flat, straight blades to be locked in place.

1-Blade Detail Jack
Detail Jack
The Detail Jack can handle a variety of projects start to finish. Its single detail knife with locking mechanism quickly removes wood from convex surfaces, while its fine point is perfect for detailing delicate areas. The postol grip handle design is crafted from aerospace-grade aluminium amnd is ergonomically desgned to allow a strong grip for long periods of carving with minimal hand fatigue.
Blade length 34 mm
Code 320536CartPrice € 38.90
4-Blade Pocket Jack for Carvin'
This Flexcut Jack-Knife is a smaller version of the original Carvin’ Jack below, the first folding multi-tool designed specifically for the needs of woodworking. At 3 ounces (95 g) and a closed length of 4-1/4 inch (104 mm), it features 4 locking edge tools.
Blades included:
Detail knife: Its fine point can be used for detailing delicate areas or quickly removing wood from a convex surface as you would with any whitting knife.
Straight gouge: Gouges are used for modeling surfaces or creating different textures. It can also be used for carving printmaking woodcuts.
Gouge scorp: Scorps, by their nature, are right-angeled gouges. Their very short turning radius allows narrow, deep recesses, similar to spoon gouges, only better.
V-scorp: The V-scoprp's sharp corners leave a clean line of demarcation between two adjacent surfaces, much the same as outlining with a pencil.
Blade length 36 mm
Code 320530CartPrice € 89.90
Carvin' Jack
The handedness (right or left) of the knife should be chosen by how you carve, not necessarily by if you are left or right handed. Choose a right-handed knife if you are right handed and carve with the blade towards you. If you carve away from yourself, choose a left-handed knife. Left-handers should choose the inverse.

Blades included:
Hook knife
Detail knife
Also included (see picture left):
Leather sheath
Polishing compund
Blade length 36 mm

Right-handed Carvin' Jack
Code 320532CartPrice € 139.00

Left-handed Carvin' Jack
Code 320533CartPrice € 139.00

Click pictures left to see every single tool of the Carvin' Jack in action!
Whittlin' Jack
The Whittlin' Jack is an addition to the family of folding multi-tools designed just for woodcarvers. It features a 38 mm (1-1/2 inch) Detail Knife and 51 mm (2 inch) Roughing Knife. It weighs 113 g (3 ounces) and is just over 100 mm (4 inch) long when closed. Blades do not lock.
Blade length 36 mm and 53 mm
Code 320535CartPrice € 52.90
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