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Aweso T-Tracks

T-Tracks as components to build various jigs, rabbets on router and shaper tables, and similar assemblies for workshops have been popular for years in the Anglo-Saxon countries. These types of tools have also become more and more popular in the metric system countries. But many people have hesitated to take advantage of the various systems because of the need to use the inch system of measurement in working with the tracks, which is not to everybody’s taste and can be inconvenient. But in spite of the differences, many have successfully incorporated the inch-based tracks into metric-based projects. But with these metric-sized T-Tracks there is now no reason not to take advantage of these extremely practical work aids!

The advantage of these rails for a variety of different uses is that a standard hexagonal bolt head in M-8 size precisely fits the track. Actually, the same should be true of the M-8 nut, but in fact they must sometimes be filed a bit to fit. This is not really a problem however, as normally it works better to put the bolt head in the track.

Because they are designed as adjustable shelf supports, there is a positioning hole every 25 mm for shelf brackets. Every 200 mm there is a pre-drilled and counter-sunk fixation hole sized to take a 3.5 mm sized screw. The screw holes are 4.5 mm in diameter, the positioning holes are 4 mm in diameter.

Comparison: left the T-tracks from Aweso with positioning holes and screw holes, right a cheap t-track without holes. The Aweso tracks are much quicker and easier to install because of the pre-drilled screw holes.

metric-sized T-Track
Cross section measurements of the Aweso-T-Track
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