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Lopping Shears

Lopping Shears

NISHIGAKI lopping shears with lever handle

These lopping shears with aluminium poles and wooden handles are extremely sturdy. The blades are 55 mm long. You operate the lever handle with both hands for strong cutting leverage. The 0.6 m long model cuts branches up to 27 mm in diameter. The 1 m long model with its larger and more substantial shear head cuts branches up to 40 mm in diameter. There is a hook along the back of the shear head for pulling branches towards you or for removing loose branches caught in the tree. On both loppers you can rotate the shear head; to do this, you need only loosen and then retighten one screw with a screwdriver. Manufactured by NISHIGAKI in Japan.

NISHIGAKI 0.6 m lopping shears with lever handle

For branches up to 27 mm Ø
Weight 950 g

Code 319934CartPrice € 49.90
NISHIGAKI 1 m lopping shears with lever handle

For branches up to 40 mm Ø
Weight 1250 g

Code 319936CartPrice € 56.90
Berger Lopping Shears "Dynamic"

The forged-steel blade ensures long-lasting sharpness; it’s been given a low-friction finish for a clean cut. The hook is chrome-plated to protect against corrosion while forged-in grooves prevent the branch from slipping away during cutting. The screw connection features self-locking nuts to prevent the joint from working loose on those bigger jobs. An oil groove allows you to lubricate the working parts without disassembly. The handles are made of aluminum for high strength and light weight, and the grips are made of soft but durable plastic. There is a built-in shock absorber to prevent joint-jarring jolts when cutting.

One really couldn't ask for a better pair of loppers.

Total length 600 mm (24 inch)
Blade length 85 mm (3-3/8 inch)
Weight approx. 960 g (2 lb)

Code 317014CartPrice € 59.90
Japanese lopping shears for up to 45 mm Ø branches

This is a powerful set of shears, thanks to their 80 cm length in combination with the lever-action cutters. The forged blades will stay sharp for a long time.

Shear head with trimmers closed
Shear head with trimmers open

The handles, made of a high-strength aluminum alloy, oval in section, are covered with a soft plastic for a firm and comfortable grip. A damping pad below the shears acts as a shock absorber as you cut through even the toughest branches. The massive bolts give the shears a smooth, solid action and add to the overall feeling of quality.

Total length 800 mm
Blade length 70 mm
Weight 1260 g

Code 313665CartPrice € 49.00
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