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Japanese mini combination stone grit 250/800

Use Japanese waterstones with water only, never with oil! Soak the stone 5 minutes long before you begin to sharpen.

Japanese mini combination stone grit 250/800

His stone is versatile and cheap, handle with hand-protection! Suitable for axes and sickles too! Note that this stone cannot replace a large stone, and sharpening takes longer. For tools which need precise angles such as chisels or plane blades this stone is not suitable.

Directions for use
Drawing of the parts of the sharpening stone
Red brown side is for fine sharpening Safety shield
Japanese mini combination stone grit 250/800
Gray-green side for rough sharpening
Intended uses
  • Kitchen knives, small knives, arts and crafts, carving knives, and cutting tools used in the garden.
  • This is a very handy tool for quickly reworking an edge that has dulled through use, or where one needs a good result but a really fine edge is not really necessary.
  • Because of its small size, the stone is a good addition to any traveling tool kit.


  • Security -- The safety guard between the sharpening stones and the grip helps to make sure you do not cut your hand on the the newly-sharpened blade.
  • Practical double-sided combination stone - Only one tool is needed for rough sharpening (gray side) and fine sharpening (red-brown side).
  • Versatility -The stone will sharpen almost any kind of blade -- thick, thin, stainless steel, forging knives, and other commercial knives.


  • Before use, the stones should be immersed in water and given time, about 5 minutes, to become fully soaked.
  • First sharpen with the rougher, gray side, then use the redish side to finish the edge.
  • To sharpen knives: There are a number of different methods used to sharpen the different kinds of knives out there, have a look below at the drawings outlining the different ways.
  • After use, wash the stone under running water. Store the stone dry and do not let it freeze. If water in the stone freezes, it will expand and can break the stone.

Sharpening methods

Japanese mini combination stone grit 250/800
  • Left - Hold the knife still and move the stone over the blade.
  • Right - Hold the sharpening stone still and move the knive over it.

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