Dieter Schmid's Fine Tools

VERITAS Wonder Dog

Wonder Dog with shaft 165 mm. A steel spring fixes the dog in the required position.

These dogs can be used anywhere you can drill a 3/4" (19 mm) hole. The swivel handle lets you apply ample clamping pressure in any position. The dog is drilled and tapped a 3° angle to ensure that work is held tight to the bench.

Wonder Pup with shaft 70 mm, without spring.

Curved work

Clamping laminated curves is easy with a Wonder Dog clamp. On the sketch you see it combined with the round bench dogs.

Spreading a frame

Though this job would normally need a tail vise, a Wonder Dog clamp can easily do it.

Special shapes

The dog head has two screw holes to allow specially shaped tips to be easily attached..

Long clamps

Long clamps are very expensive. This is an affordable way to make a clamp of any length by drilling 3/4 inch holes in a 2 inch x 4 inch bar.Use a standard round bench dog or secure a block of wood in one end.

routing inside

You can clamp a workpiece for routing inside

routing outside

... and for routing outside

clamping table

Two pieces of plywood with 2 x 4 inch spacing can be drilled in a pattern to provide clamping for an infinite variety of shapes.

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