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VERITAS Metric Graduated Micro-Adjust Wheel Marking Gauge

Now metric graduated
Sharp, hardened steel wheel prevents tear-out
Unpredented marking accuracy
4.8 mm (3/16 inch) of fine adjustment
Recess in non-marring brass face protects wheel when not in use
Marking area 150 mm

VERITAS Metric Graduated Micro-Adjust Wheel Marking Gauge


This gauge allows unprecedented marking accuracy. The wheel cutter cuts wood fibers rather than tear them, and since it is sharp, bevelled only on the inside and non-rotating, it continuously forces the gouge face against the workpiece.

To set the gauge, the thumbscrew and brass nut must be released. Turn the thumbscrew counterclockwise about half a turn, and then while holding the black collet with one hand, loosen the brass nut with the other (only half a revolution is necessary) until the rod can be pushed through the body.

For optimum fine adjustment, hold the body and unthread the black collet so that there is about a 3 mm (1/8 inch) gap between the body and the black collet. Set the cross projection by sliding the body along the rod to the desired projection. Lock this setting by holding the black collet in one hand and tightening the brass nut with the other. Fine adjustment is then achieved by holding the body and rotating the brass nut in either direction. Tighten the thumb screw to lock the projection.

The wheel cutter can be retracted into the face of the gauge for upright storage.

Sharpening the blade is easy
Sharpening the blade is easy.


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