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They still exist: analogue scales with a pointer instead of a battery. These scales offer perfectly acceptable accuracy and are just the ticket if you prefer to read off the weight by means of a pointer. Both the form and the conspicuous green coating suggest an item from another time. The housing is made of sheet metal. If you want to place this scale on a sensitive surface, we recommend that you glue felt gliders to the underside. The sheet metal on the underside does have some sharp edges - all other parts of the housing are nicely rounded. The weighing platform is made of stainless steel. The scales are manufactured by the Japanese instrument maker SHINWA at its offshoot in China.

The white plastic knurled screw between the housing and the weighing platform can be turned to adjust the scale.

Scale, working range 20 g to 200 g

Scale interval 1 g
Accuracy 0 - 50 g ±1 g, 50 g - 200 g ±2 g
Dial face 164 mm
Platform size 190 x 185 mm
Base size 225 x 140 mm
Height 210 mm

Code 311228CartPrice € 69.00

Scale, working range 100 g to 1 kg

Scale interval 5 g
Accuracy 0 - 250 g ±5 g, 250 g - 1 kg ±10 g
Dial face 164 mm
Platform size 190 x 185 mm
Base size 225 x 140 mm
Height 210 mm

Code 311230CartPrice € 69.00

Scale, working range 1 kg to 12 kg

Scale interval 50 g
Accuracy 0 - 2.5 kg ±50 g, 2.5 kg - 10 kg ±100 g, 10 kg - 12 kg ±150 g
Dial face 196 mm
Platform size 220 x 210 mm
Base size 265 x 165 mm
Height 270 mm

Code 311233CartPrice € 69.00
Spring Scale Spring Scale Spring Scale

SHINWA spring scales

These practical spring scales are lightweights at 140 g and can be taken along anywhere you go to serve as mobile scales. The housing is made of aluminium, the hooks of steel, the cover end caps of plastic. You can set the spring scale to zero by turning the knurled screw on top of the housing.
Housing size 180 x 30 x 25 mm.
Total length incl. hook 300 mm

Operating range Accuracy CodePrice
Up to 500 g Up to 250 g: ±5 g
Up to 500 g: ±10 g
Code 311236CartPrice € 19.50
Up to 1000 g Up to 500 g: ±10 g
Up to 1000 g: ±20 g
Code 311237CartPrice € 19.50
Up to 5000 g Up to 2500 g: ±50 g
Up to 5000 g: ±100 g
Code 311238CartPrice € 19.50
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