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NANIWA Sink Bridge - Instructions

This sharpening stone holder is designed to lay over a sink, allowing you to keep your stones and your workplace clean with running water. Forget about the slimy gritty mess normally left around your water stones! The holder has soft rubber pads under the ends to help prevent scratches on the sink edges. The stainless steel stone holder is very strong and stable.

The holder can be used on sinks between 400 - 546 mm deep, from front to back.
It takes stones between 203 - 257 mm long.

Note on sink sizes: If your sink is smaller than 400 mm, the sliding stainless steel bar can be cut short by up to 70 mm (hacksaw or angle grinder). But the absolute minimum width is 330 mm!

Note on stone sizes: This sink bridge was conceived for professional use. So the best thing is to use larger stones, of at least 203 mm in length. With smaller stones you will need to make some kind of jig or frame to hold them firmly in place.
Sink Bridge
1) Mechanism to adjust for sink width
2) Mechanism to adjust for stone length
3) Back stone stops, adjustable for stone thickness
4) Front stone stop, adjustable for different stone sizes. After loosening the screws, the stop can be adjusted for height and length to fix the stone firmly in place. The screw is accessed on the under side of the tool.
Sink Bridge
Left: View from above
1) Adjustment mechanism for sink width
2) Height adjustment screws for back stone stops
3) Front stone stop

Right: View from under side
4) Height adjustment screws for back stone stops
5) Thumbscrew for sink-width adjustment
6) Adjustment screw for front stone stops
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