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Pro-Grip Clamps

Pro-Grip Clamps

The ProGrip Straight Edge Clamp and Tool Guide combines a straight edge and a medium duty woodworking clamp in one handy tool. It can be used as circular saw or router guide. It is also serves a useful purpose as a fence on a drill press.

ProGrip Straight Edge Clamp

ProGrip Straight Edge Clamp and Tool Guide

The low profile jaws (depth only 15 mm) allow you to use the clamp inverted without obstructing your working area - an ideal tool when used as panel clamp. The locking lever has 3 locking positions. The extruded aluminium profiles are 54 mm wide and 16 mm high. Includes tape measure with mm and inch scales.

This clamp has two 12.7 x 2 mm built-in T-tracks on top to accept accessories.

Operating instructions

610 mm
(24 inch)
840 mm 15 mm
Code 300172CartPrice € 22.90
915 mm
(36 inch)
1140 mm 15 mm
Code 300173CartPrice € 29.90
1270 mm
(50 inch)
1500 mm 15 mm
Code 300174CartPrice € 36.90
ProGrip Universal Base

Turn your ProGrip Guide into a saw guide or router guide with this durable plastic plate, which clips onto all proGrip rails. . You need to drill the appropriate holes to fix the power tool. Read, understand, and follow all manufacturers instructions and guidelines that come with your power tool. Mounting hardware not supplied due to many different power tool types. Recommended for experienced woodworkers only!

Size 292 x 197 x 6 mm (11-1/2 x 7-3/4 x 1/4 inch)
ProGrip Universal Base with cirular saw and router
ProGrip Clamp not included

Code 300176CartPrice € 18.90
ProGrip Stop Block

This stop block is used in cunjunction with the ProGrip rail for repetitive cuts, stopped cuts, blind cuts. Note: this stop block has small clearance when fixed to the rail, does not affect accuracy if workpiece is positioned close to the rail.

Size 127 x 51 x 20 mm (5 x 2 x3/4 inch)
Usable Fence length 112 mm (4-1/2 inch)
ProGrip Clamp not included
ProGrip Stop Block with router

Code 300177CartPrice € 9.90
ProGrip Hold Down Kit

This hold down kit made of aluminium holds your stock down on the drill press. Two aluminium stop blocks for repetitive work come with the kit. The stop blocks have slight clearance, does not affect accuracy if workpiece is positioned close to the rail.

Maximum holding height 37 mm
Set supplied as shown on picture
ProGrip Clamp not included
2 Holddowns with bolts
2 Stop blocks

Code 300178CartPrice € 19.95
ProGrip Wide Jaws

Enlarge the clamping surface of your ProGrip clamp from 35 x 14 mm (1-3/8 x 9/16 inch) to 105 x 30 mm (4-1/8 x 1-3/16 inch) Very useful to avoid pressure marks. These jaws fit securely on the existing clamp heads with two screws (included). These wide jaws reduce the clamping capacity of the ProGrip clamps at 23 mm.

ProGrip Clamp not included
Price per pair

Code 300179CartPrice € 5.95
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