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What is PM-V11-Steel?

PM-V11-Steel blades

After more than two years of research and testing, VERITAS introduced plane blades produced from PM-V11, a new steel alloy. The PM refers to a process known as powder metallurgy, whereby molten metals are atomized into small particles, which cool and harden into a fine powder that is then heated under pressure to form an ingot. To make PM-V11, a unique mixture of metals combined into a proprietary alloy yields a steel with a very fine, uniform grain structure that is inherently more durable than that of steels produced using ordinary manufacturing processes.

Blades made from PM-VI1 are highly resistant to dulling or damage from wear and impact, yet are as easy to sharpen as A2 tool steel. PM-V11 blades can take a keen edge and hold it through extended use; once dulled, the edge can be quickly returned to a sharp condition using water stones or other common sharpening methods. The testing shows that a PM-V11 blade edge lasts at least twice as long in use as an A2 blade before it needs sharpening - a significant improvement over common blade steels in use today.

Though most of our Japanese waterstones work well with powder metallurgy steel blades we at recommend to sharpen powder metallurgy steel blades on Shapton stones.

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