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For those delicate jobs in the workshop you’ll find tweezers indispensable for gripping and manoevring small objects. The precision tweezers on this page are made of rustproof stainless steel coated black. They are forged by KEIBA, a specialist pliers and nippers forgery in Sanjo, Japan. The tips are smooth on the inside, not serrated.

Tweezers straight Total length 120 mm
Width 10 mm
Code 323375CartPrice € 5.90
Tweezers straight flat Total length 120 mm
Width 10 mm
Width at tip 2.4 mm
The tips are slightly rounded, see enlargement
Code 323376CartPrice € 6.50
Tweezers eagle mouth Total length 115 mm
Width 10 mm
Code 323378CartPrice € 6.90
Tweezers straight slim Total length 140 mm
Width 8 mm
Code 323379CartPrice € 6.90
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