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Wooden Mallet for Stakes

Wooden Mallet for Stakes

Large Wooden Mallet COMMANDER
Large Wooden Mallet "Commander"

This mallet is the perfect gardening hammer with many uses. It is especially suitable for driving in fence posts, tree-stakes etc. Head and handle can be separated if necessary. The handle only has to be inserted into the head and will stay in tight due to it’s conical widened tip. Two screwed-in aluminum rings around the head will prevent splintering. Made from hardwood in Japan.

Head size 120 x 210 mm
Head weight 1900 g
total weight 2700 g
Handle length 900 mm (90 cm)
Handle material: oak

Code 310755CartPrice € 59.50

Replacement handle for Large Wooden Mallet "Commander"

Code 310756CartPrice € 15.90

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