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Trowels, Garden Hoes, Hand Forks, Weeding Knives, Soil Scoops, and other Gardening Tools

Trowels, Garden Hoes, Hand Forks, Weeding Knives, Soil Scoops, and other Gardening Tools

SHIMIZU Garden and Grit Trowels

SHIMIZU wide Garden Trowel

Weighing just 170 g, these garden trowels are very light, yet thanks to their design they are extremely robust and suited for heavy gardening work. The trowel is made of hardened, rustproof stainless steel and the handle, made of glass-fibre reinforced nylon, provides stability and is comfortable to hold. A centimetre scale on the inside of the trowel shows the digging depth - a handy help when sowing seed. The trowel is also ideal for spreading grit in winter.

Total length 280 mm
Total width measured at the plastic base 82 mm

Code 313187CartPrice € 8.90
SHIMIZU sharp Garden Trowel

Design as above, but total length 310 mm. Same width as above at the base of the plastic. Ideal as hand trowel for precise positioning of seeds thanks to the more pointed form, but the tip is slightly less sturdy than the wide trowel.

Code 313188CartPrice € 8.90

Gardening tools made by Berger in Wuppertal

Siberian dogwood (Cornus alba Sibirica) in autumn

We have recently picked up a select line of robust, hand-finished garden tools by Berger in Wuppertal. One will find two unbelievably robust hand shovels, a small hoe, and an asparagus knife that also works very well to remove weeds that have long roots.

From the Schwäbische Hüttenwerke (SHW) in the Black Forest, we are pleased to be able to offer two small garden hoes and a sowing pick. You will be impressed by the obvious solidity, workmanship, and well-thought-out design of these premium tools.

Burgon & Ball’s stainless steel range of garden tools has to be seen to be believed. The tools combine not only quality, reliability and durability but also value for money. Stainless steel has, of course, impressive looks, but it also means less friction when working in the soil, and far less risk of corrosion.

Hand trowel with wide dish and wooden handle

What at first glance looks like a child's sandbox shovel is really one of the most solid hand shovels that we have seen. Forged steel with a wooden grip.

Total length 305 mm (12 inch)
Blade width 85 mm (3-3/8 inch)

Code 317033CartPrice € 13.90
Asparagus and weeding knife - Braunschweiger Model

Along with it’s intended purpose, this handy Asparagus and weeding knife is also very useful for eradicating weeds with long roots. The narrow blade helps protect the roots of ornamental plants growing near by. The sturdy forged shaft (8 mm x 8 mm) resists bending, even during very demanding jobs. Comes with a beech wood grip.

Total length 450 mm (18 inch)
Shaft length (with cutter) 285 mm (11 inch)
Schaufelbreite 26 mm (1 inch)

Code 317030CartPrice € 9.95

Gardening tools made by Schwäbische Hüttenwerke (Trademark SHW, REX)

REX Small garden hoe

with wide blade and 2 prongs
Total length 40 cm
with wooden handle

Code 303601CartPrice € 17.90
REX Small garden hoe

with 3 prongs
Total length 40 cm
with wooden handle.

Code 303602CartPrice € 17.90
REX Garden Hoe with wide Blade and Heart-shaped Blade

Total length 40 cm
with wooden handle

Code 303608CartPrice € 17.90
REX Small Sow Tooth specially for raised Bed

With forged head
Made in Germany
Handle length 40 cm
Head length 15.5 cm
Head width 2 cm

Currently not in stock!
Code 303613Cart Price € 28.90

Gardening tools made by Burgon & Ball

Burgon & Ball began manufacturing in 1730 in the industrial heartland of Sheffield. For over 275 years they produced some of the finest garden tools in the world. They are passionate about quality - most important to a gardener are many of the "hidden qualities" that only emerge when a tool is used.

Stainless hand trowel with wooden handle

Total length 300 mm (12 inch)
Dish width 80 mm

Code 300804CartPrice € 13.90

Stainless round tine fork with wooden handle

On clay soils round tines offer less resistance than flat ones.

Total length 280 mm (11 inch)

Code 300805CartPrice € 13.90
Stainless transplanter with wooden handle

The face of the trowel has graduated inch markings to determine depths.

Total length 300 mm (12 inch)
Dish width 65 mm

Code 300806CartPrice € 14.90
Stainless widger with wooden handle

This tool helps with levering plants out of pots, as well as seed and seedling planting.

Total length 320 mm (13 inch)
Dish width 30 mm
Dish length 190 mm

Code 300808CartPrice € 13.90
Stainless shrub rake with wooden handle

For places were big rakes do not reach!

Total length 410 mm (16 inch)
Rake width 150 mm

Code 300812CartPrice € 13.95
Stainless compost scoop with wooden handle

This scoop is deeply dished for transferring compost into pots without loosing half of it during transport. Also easy transfer of potting soil, mulch, and seed.

Total length 300 mm (12 inch)
Dish length 150 mm
Dish width 90 mm
Dish depth 35 mm

Code 300815CartPrice € 19.90
Stainless hand hoe with wooden handle

For weeding, breaking up and aerating the soil! A very sturdy and versatile hoe!

Total length 260 mm (10 inch)
Hoe width 98 mm

Code 300816CartPrice € 11.90
Stainless hand trowel with long wooden handle

Total length 475 mm (19 inch)

Code 300819CartPrice € 16.90
Stainless shrub rake with long wooden handle

Total length 580 mm (23 inch)

Code 300822CartPrice € 21.90
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