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Hacksaws, Metal Cutting Saws

Hacksaws, Metal Cutting Saws

Hacksaw PUK 3000
Hacksaw PUK 3000 Profi Standard
This is a handy, ultra-light, hacksaw. The bow, rectangular in section, is made of powdercoated black steel pipe. The ergonomically designed grip is large and comfortable, in non-skid two-component plastic, and reinforced with glass fibers for strength. The saw has captive pins to hold the blade, and comes with a PUK bi-metal saw blade, 300 mm long with 24 teeth per inch. Extra blades can be stored in the bow pipe.
The blades are tensioned on this saw with a wing nut on the front of the bow (left in the photo) and can be turned 90° by demounting the blade, turning the blade mount 90° and replacing and tensioning the blade.
Total length 435 mm
Made in Germany by Josef Haunstetter.
Code 308076CartPrice € 9.90
Hacksaw PUK 3000 Profi Kompakt
Innovative hacksaw in an ultra-light design. These saws offer excellent ergonomics, 2-component, glass fiber reinforced plastic grips. Total length of the saw is only 410 mm. Both the tensioning screw and extra blade storage are integrated in the saw. The metal bow is powder-coated black, and the saw uses PUK Bi-Metal saw blades, 300 mm, with 24 teeth per inch.
The blades are tensioned with a removable Allen key (right in the photo). The blades can be turned 90° by demounting the blade, turning the mount 90°, and then replacing and tensioning the blade.
Made in Germany by Josef Haunstetter.
Code 308075CartPrice € 10.90
Hacksaw for hard to reach places
This handy, little saw is indispensable for hard-to-reach areas. The blade can be easily exchanged and replaced by any 300 mm metal-cutting saw blade.
Length of included saw blade 262 mm
Code 310606CartPrice € 14.90
You are looking for a metal saw with a wide blade that is not likely to run out when cutting pipes?
Look no further than to our pipe saws for metal and plastics. These tools are just right for the job!
PUK Hacksaw Blades - Size 300 x 12.5 x 0.63 mm
Highest Quality, very break-resistant and precision wave-set saw blades.
The cutting edge is made of DMo5 High Speed Steel with a special steel back (Bi-Metal). It is designed for materials up to 1100 N//mm².
DMo5 is a special alloy with high heat resistance, good toughness, high strength and high wear resistance.
These PUK hack saw blades can be used in any standard bow hacksaw.
PUK Hacksaw Blades
Maker's number Teeth per cm Teeth per inch CodePrice
Z18100 7 18
Code 308080CartPrice € 1.35
Z24100 10 24
Code 308081CartPrice € 1.35
Z32100 13 32
Code 308082CartPrice € 1.35
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