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Various Planes

Various Wooden Planes

Dovetail Planes, Router Planes, Filletster Plane, Router Plane, Plough Plane, Toothed Plane, Block Plane, etc.

ECE Filletster Plane 48 S Fences for width and depth, nicker, length of body 240 mm, width of blade 33 mm, max. depth 18 mm (7/16 inch), max width 33 mm (1-1/4 inch)
Now the ECE filletster plane comes with the same new carbide knife spur as the ECE dovetail plane
Sole: hornbeam
Body: beech
Code 301048CartPrice € 149.00

Replacement Blade
Code 301219CartPrice € 17.90
ECE Dovetail Plane 23 S Fence for width, with new carbide knife spur, angle 9.5°, max. depth 22 mm (14/16 inch), max. width 32 mm 1-1/4 inch). Skewed blade in a straight bed! The chips are thrown out at the top of the body. Length 240 mm, width of blade 33 mm.
Sole: hornbeam
Body: beech
Code 301049CartPrice € 135.00

Replacement Blade
Code 301197CartPrice € 17.90
ECE Router Plane 20 S comes with 3 blades with height adjustment 10, 15, 20 mm (3/8, 5/8, 25/32"), two handles on both sides, size of body 235 x 100 mm
Sole: beech
Body: beech
Code 301052CartPrice € 109.00

Set of 3 Repl. Blades 10, 15, 20 mm
Code 301212CartPrice € 63.00
ECE Toothed Plane 108 S cutting angle of 75°, length 220 mm, blade width 48 mm. You do not know how to sharpen a toothed blade? Sharpen the bevel as you do it with every other plane blade. Then strike the blade with a wooden mallet into a hardwood block. The burr will be removed.
Sole: hornbeam
Body: beech
Code 301051CartPrice € 78.00

Replacement Blade
Code 301211CartPrice € 21.50
ECE Block Plane 649 P This is the only known wooden block plane that works fine! Length 150 mm, width of blade 39 mm, blade adjustment.
Sole: lignum vitae
Body: hornbeam
Code 301014CartPrice € 79.00

Replacement Blade
Code 301227CartPrice € 16.90
ECE Plough Plane 30 S with 6 blades, 4, 5, 7, 9, 12, 14 mm
(approx. 5/32, 3/16, 9/32, 3/8, 7/16, 9/16 inch)
Aluminium threads allow precise adjustment of the fence.
Max. distance from groove to the edge of the board 129 - 136 mm (5 - 5-1/4 inch) dependend on width of blade. The sole is a piece of steel to provide a secure support for the blade.
Length of body 240 mm
Plane body: beech
Code 301053CartPrice € 349.00

Set of 6 Repl. Blades 4, 5, 7, 9, 12, 14 mm
Code 301056CartPrice € 179.00
ECE Mortise Plane 294-16 This plane is very useful for installation hardware such as hinges or lock fronts. The long slot in the front of the plane gives a clear view on the workpiece.
View from sole
Sole: hornbeam
Body: beech
Blade width 16 mm
Code 301058CartPrice € 119.00
Edge Trimmer RADZI VARIKANT for sharp edged cutting - also around curvatures and for cutting and chamfering straight edges in one operation.
The tiltable and lockable guide fence for chamfers from 0 - 45° guarantees precise guidance and provides for neat and flush cutting of the projecting lippings without cutting too deep into the edge because not only the angle of chamfer but also the thickness of chamfer can be steadily adjusted. The high-quality HSS blade (3 mm thick, 18% tungsten) has two cutting edges whereby forward as well as backward work is possible.The blade can be resharpened and is adjustable for better utilization.
Code 302217CartPrice € 63.50

Replacement Blade
Code 302222CartPrice € 16.50
Veneer Cutter RADZI COMBI for size cutting and flush cutting of all projecting edges of veneers and foils. The veneer cutter RADZI COMBI is a light-weight and handy tool for cutting all kind of veneers up to 1 mm thickness. The tool uses a 0.2 mm thick industrial blade. For left hand operation blade and fence can be mounted on the opposite side of the holder. The Veneer Cutter RADZI COMBI can be used without fence for size cutting along a ruler.
Comes with 10 blades!
Code 302220CartPrice € 32.90

Set of 10 Replacement Blades
Code 302218CartPrice € 5.50
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