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General Woodworking Themes

General Woodworking Themes

Working Wood 1 & 2: The Artisan Course
Working Wood 1 & 2: The Artisan Course
by Paul Sellers
320 Pages, 880 coloured photos and sketches, paperback
Code 305110CartPrice € 34.90

Now you can learn the essential elements to master woodworking, whatever your skill level. Lifelong woodworker Paul Sellers combines 40 years of hand-tool woodworking into a step-by-step programme. This book combines two series’ worth of information and functions alongside the 7-DVD series and includes crucial project diagrammes and details.

In this book, you will:
• learn the properties of wood
• shape and shave wood
• create strong joints
• layout complex projects
• learn about vital hand tools
• master sharpening techniques
• apply these concepts to a range of woodworking projects
Working Wood 1 & 2: The Artisan Course with 7 DVDs
by Paul Sellers
320 Pages, 880 coloured photos and sketches, paperback
as set with all 7 DVDs of the Working Wood Series
Code 305120CartPrice € 165.00

Now you can learn the essential elements to master woodworking, whatever your skill level. Lifelong Woodworker Paul Sellers has created a comprehensive course in woodworking, with a 320-page book and a seven-volume DVD series.

Working with award-winning filmmakers, Paul has created a new apprenticeship for training woodworkers of every skill level. You’ll learn step-by-step methods for making completed projects, using traditional hand methods historically used for training artisan apprentices. Projects include bowls, stools, bookshelf, table and a European workbench.

Seven-volume DVD set:
• Working Wood Series 1: WOODWORKING ESSENTIALS 1 (1hr 20min)
• Working Wood Series 1: WOODWORKING ESSENTIALS 2 (1hr 27min)
• Working Wood Series 2: MASTER HOUSING DADOES (1hr 24min)
• Working Wood Series 2: MASTER DOVETAILS (1hr 20min)
• Working Wood Series 2: MASTER MORTISE AND TENONS (1hr 40min)
• Working Wood Series 2: MASTER SHARPENING (1hr 57min)
• Working Wood Series 2: MASTER EUROPEAN WORKBENCHES (1hr 20min)
These DVDs can be bought separately!
Working Wood 3
Working Wood 3, The Cabinet Maker's Workshop
An Artisan Course with Simon James
414 pages, with 1,200 color photos, illustrations and diagrams
Code 305125CartPrice € 36.90

Building on the firm base of skills and techniques in Working Wood 1&2, Simon James guides woodworkers in this book through a feast of new methods, a myriad of jigs and tricks that will open their eyes to new ways of achieving their goals while providing many “why didn’t I think of that” moments along the way.

Developed for intermediate and advanced woodworkers, this series is all about getting set up for serious cabinet or furniture making. Many new and specialized tools and techniques are explored and explained, with invaluable advice on how to tune up, sharpen and maintain them (including a very fast and effective system for sharpening curved cutting edges.) Shop made jigs and devices are traditional fixtures in any workshop, and Simon teaches how to precisely make and use a wide range of these as part of an integrated system – so that they fit and work together and allow you to use your tools in ways you would never have imagined.

The focus of Working Wood 3 is very much on hand tools, and though proudly traditional, the methods and practices are in fact fully compatible with a modern workshop equipped with machinery and power tools. Knowledge, skill and pragmatism are the key ingredients that will give you the opportunity to enjoy making the most out of your creativity.

The Minimalist Woodworker
The Minimalist Woodworker
by Vic Tesolin
Softcover, 8 x 10 inch, 152 pages, 2015
Code 305013CartPrice € 22.50

This book dispels the notion that every woodworker needs a spacious workshop stocked with a vast array of specialized tools and power equipment. In a straightforward, engaging style, the author shares a wealth of ideas on how to make the most of a smaller workspace and only a modest selection of hand tools.

He begins with an overview of the essential tools needed to take on virtually any woodworking project, supplemented by chapters on marking and measuring as well as sharpening – fundamental skills that boost efficiency in any workshop. He then gives detailed plans and instructions on how to build several workshop fixtures and accessories designed to help overcome space restrictions.

Projects include a saw bench and a bench extension known as a bent, a shooting board hook, a wooden mallet and a hanging cabinet, as well as a compact softwood workbench that’s light enough to be repositioned if needed, yet sturdy enough to serve as a reliable work surface. An inspiring guide to help any woodworker use limited shop space more productively.

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