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Woodworking vice type 52 1/2 – without speed clamping

View from above

Jaw mounting area 230 mm x 130 mm
Hole spacing near jaws 180 mm
Rear hole spacing 170 mm
Total length of vice 550 mm
Clamping width 342 mm
Recommended table thickness 90 mm
Add a spacer panel in mounting area if worktop thickness is insufficient

Mounting instructions

Mounting instructions

Fix the vice with sufficiently large screws on a worktop that cannot tilt. Remember that this vice weighs nearly 16 kg! For the rear holes we recommend M12 through bolts with a hexagonal heads that are countersunk into the worktop from above. For the front holes (ie, the holes near the jaw) we recommend 12 mm wood screws with a hexagonal head, which are screwed in from below. The heads of the bolts and screws and the nuts should be fitted with washers. See diagram for details.

Shop-made wooden jaw liners are easily fixed to the jaws once the vice has been mounted. The jaws are provided with mounting holes. Countersink the screw heads on the jaw liners to avoid damaging clamped workpieces.

Size comparison 52, 52 1/2 and 53ED

Smallest woodworking vice no. 52 (bottom left)
Larger woodworking vice no. 52 1/2 (centre)
Largest woodworking vice no. 53ED (top right)

Size comparison
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