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Dividers, Pair of Compasses, Trammels, Inside Calipers, Outside Calipers

Dividers, Pair of Compasses, Trammels, Inside Calipers, Outside Calipers

STARRETT Spring Type Divider length 75 mm (3 inch)

These Dividers and Calipers are the finest tools of their type. Designed for toolmakers and all good mechanics - and cabinetmakers and woodturners - who require fine adjustment and better balance so a more sensitive "feel" can be obtained. The fulcrum stud is hardened and the bearing surfaces of the legs are large enough to prevent any side deflection. The bow spring is strong and flexible, and the adjustment is centrally located in the legs to assure smooth action.

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STARRETT Spring Type Divider length 150 mm (6 inch)
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STARRETT Inside Caliper length 75 mm (3 inch)
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STARRETT Inside Caliper length 150 mm (6 inch)
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STARRETT Outside Caliper 75 mm (3 inch)
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STARRETT Outside Caliper 150 mm (6 inch
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STARRETT Carpenters’ Divider

This divider combines rigidity and easy handling. The legs are forged steel, well-shaped, properly tempered and highly polished. The adjustable point may be quickly removed and a common pencil inserted in its place.

The sturdy construction of the joint, combined with the quadrant, eliminates side deflection of the legs. A quadrant adjusting nut permits fine-adjustments for close measurements. A check nut located between the legs locks the legs firmly after the proper adjustment has been made. This feature prevents the legs from moving in and out with the grain on wood when scribing, or sliding off rough spots when scribing on metals.

Length 150 mm (6 inch)

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STARRETT Outside Lock-Joint Transfer Caliper with fine adjustment

The transfer arm makes it possible to transfer measurements from the inside of chambered cavities, over flanges and other places where it is necessary to move the legs after they have been set to size. Simply lock the joint, loosen the transfer arm binding nut and swing the leg out or in to clear the obstruction. Then move it back against the transfer arm stop and the exact size can then be transferred to a rule or gage.

The adjusting screw permits close adjustments for fine measurements. After the legs have been set to approximate size and the joint locked, the final adjustment is made by a few turns of the knurled adjusting nut. The joint can be quickly and firmly locked by a partial turn of the large knurled disc. A spring washer under the disc maintains proper tension of the legs when the joint is loosened.

The legs are made of high-grade steel and are well-shaped. They are ruggedly constructed and nicely finished. The given sizes are the length of the legs. Their actual measuring capacity is about one third greater than the size of the legs.

Length 150 mm/6 inch
Measuring capacity up to 200 mm/8 inch
You are right: The measuring capacity is greater than the leg.

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STARRETT Inside Lock-Joint Transfer Caliper with fine adjustment

same features as above, but inside caliper!

Length 150 mm/6 inch
Measuring capacity up to 200 mm/8 inch
You are right: The measuring capacity is greater than the leg.

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VERITAS Carpenter’s Gauge

Specifically designed to be carried in an apron or pocket, this is both a direct reading compass and a marking gauge, two things that carpenters frequently need but find hard to carry. It is direct reading, both for radius and diameter, in inches and centimeter. It scribes circles up to 30 cm/12 inch

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VERITAS Beam Compass Heads

The radius of circle or arc you can make with this beam compass set is limited only by the ledge you have at hand. The heads clamp to any material between 15 and 19 mm (5/8 inch and 3/4 inch) thick, of any width. The heads are held solidly on the beam because each clamping knob also operates a trapped pin that prevents pivoting of the head when it is clamped in position. The pins withdraw as the clamping knob is backed off.

Since one of the points has an eccentric tip, you only need to clamp the heads approximately; loosen the eccentric point and you get up to 3 mm (1/8 inch) of fine adjustment by rotating the point. Comes with two hardened steel points, a pencil, plus the brass and aluminium heads.

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KUNZ Beam Compass Heads

Any ledge up to 30 mm thick can be used to draw circles with these beam compass heads. The left head additianally can take a pencil.

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VERITAS Beam Compass complete

Ordinary compasses just don't cut it in the shop; a beam compass (or trammel) is much more practical.

Using a single beam section, the Veritas beam compass deals with circles from 38 mm to 609 mm (1-1/2 inch to 24 inch) in diameter. Additional sections take you up to 2030 mm (80 inch) for circular tables, rockers, arches, etc. It has carbide-tipped points that readily scribe metal as well as wood, although the pencil head is usually used for scribing wood. A micro-adjust feature quickly gives accurate settings.

All of this comes in a fitted wooden case that even includes a small brass center pivot disc for use where it is important not to mar work. The beams are steel and the fittings are all solid brass.

Reduced from * € 119.00

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VERITAS Trammel Points

Usable on any rule up to 6.5 mm thick, these narrow-bodied trammels can be set to reproduce radii as little as 15 mm. The removable points score clear lines on any wood, and are also effective on aluminum, brass, bronze and mild steel. With the points removed, the trammel bodies double as square gauges, clamping onto a square to make repetitive angle marking easy.

Inspired by an antique trammel set found at a woodworking show, the VERITAS version is made of stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance, and has knurled sections to make the tips easier to remove.

Made in Canada, each is about 14 mm in diameter and 70 mm long overall.

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VERITAS Trammel Points VERITAS Trammel Points
VERITAS Pencil Tip
VERITAS Pencil Tip

A pencil tip, available separately, can replace either of the stainless-steel points. It holds an included 2 mm thick, 25 mm long HB lead that marks a dark line and holds a bevel edge well.

Made in Canada

Currently not in stock!
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Set of 10 Pencil Leads for VERITAS Pencil Tip

2 mm thick, 25 mm long

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VERITAS Thickness Calipers length 228 mm (9 inch)

Primarily used by turners, these thickness calipers can be fitted into virtually any shape of vase or bowl. To use, open the caliper by just pulling the legs apart (having the spacing nut between the legs rather than outside them allows this), put in position and then set the spacing nut to the wall thickness. Open calipers, remove and measure tip gap.

Made of steel with brass fittings. Sketch

For thickness 0 inch to 5-1/2 inch (0 to 140 mm)
Throat depth (from nut to tip) 5-1/2 inch (140 mm)

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VERITAS Thickness Calipers length 419 mm (16-1/2 inch inch)

as above, but larger!

For thickness 0 inch to 13-1/2 inch (0 to 340 mm)
Throat depth (from nut to tip) 11-1/2 inch (290 mm)

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