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Variable-angle Wooden Clamps

Dubuque Variable-angle Wooden Clamps

Some time ago we lost contact with our supplier of variable-angle wooden clamps. He simply disappeared. At the time we regretted this very much, seeing these clamps of good quality came at a very attractive price. Today we see this more as a stroke of luck. Because we might never have had the opportunity to discover these new clamps with their unbeatable quality. They come from Dubuque on the Mississippi in the USA and we were impressed by their outstanding manufacturing quality.

The right-angled jaws clamp evenly over the whole contact area, reliably preventing any clamping surfaces from being damaged. In most cases you’ll be able to do without shims or packing. What’s more, because the jaws of the clamps can be set at various angles, the workpieces you want to glue together do not need to have parallel clamping surfaces. This makes the wooden clamps extremely versatile. For instance, they can be used as a handy extra vice. Clamped in the front vice of a workbench they can be used, much like a Moxon vice, to raise the working height for a more relaxed position when sawing by hand.

Variable-angle Wooden Clamps

The wooden jaws are made of hard maple, the left- and right-hand threaded bolts of carbon steel. The two smallest sizes have an imperial coarse thread (UNC 1/4 and 5/16 inch, respectively), the four largest clamps have a robust trapezoidal thread (ACME 7/16 inch) that tolerates a very high contact pressure. The threads are zinc-plated for maximum ease of operation. The handles are held by pins which can be removed to disassemble the clamps should you need to replace existing jaws or fit jaws of a different shape to meet particular needs.
Jaw length Clamping width Clamping depth CodePrice
102 mm 57 mm 51 mm
Code 303400CartPrice € 15.90
152 mm 76 mm 76 mm
Code 303402CartPrice € 17.90
203 mm 127 mm 102 mm
Code 303403CartPrice € 21.90
254 mm 178 mm 127 mm
Code 303404CartPrice € 25.90
305 mm 235 mm 152 mm
Code 303405CartPrice € 28.90
356 mm 260 mm 178 mm
Code 303406CartPrice € 33.90

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