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Toolmaker’s Hammer

Toolmaker’s Hammer

STARRETT Toolmakers’ Hammer with built-in magnifying lens


STARRETT Toolmakers’ Hammer with built-in magnifying lens

This is a very practical tool that is just as much at home on a toolmaker's bench or a businessman's desk. Faster, easier, and more accurate spotting and punching of centerlines and intersections is now possible with the Starrett hammer for toolmakers.

A magnifying lens built into the head of the hammer eliminates the usual fumbling and looking away involved when a seperate glass and hammer are used. High-power magnificaton makes it easy to spot the punch and strike without once removing the eyes from the work.

The hammer is light (four ounces - 113 grams) but it is made of a steel forging for strength and rigidity. It has a highly attractive chromium plated finish. Both flat and ball peen heads are hardened and are offset for use in corners or close to obstructions. The lens is mounted in rubber for shock resistance. The handle has a hole for hanging.

Ideal as auctioneer’s hammer for the travelling auctioneer!

Weight 113 g
Length 176 mm

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