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VAT included

Our prices include the German "Mehrwertsteuer" (= VAT, Value Added Tax)
Current Rate for Tools: 19 %
Current rate for books: 7 %

VAT appears only for orders within the EU (European Union). If you are ordering from outside the EU, our shopping cart shows prices without VAT once you have entered your country (Non-EU-Country).

At companies in the European Union outside Germany, we can deliver goods free of value-added-tax, if a valid VAT identification number is included with the order in the respective field.

This form will help you to find your price without sales tax:
Write the catalog price on the left and the price without tax appears on the right.

Price including 19 % tax:                   Price without tax:

If you want to know the exchange rate of your currency against the EURO, go to  - opens in a new window - you find the conversion for nearly all currencies of the world.

The customer is responsible for any custom duties charged by his home country or additional clearance costs charged by his national post organisation. Be aware that in most countries duties are payable on the total value of the shipment, that includes the goods and the shipping costs!

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