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Woodturning Sets

Woodturning Sets

Tool sets are most helpful for beginners to get a range of the most commonly used tools, but can also be a good choice for the professional to replace a bunch of worn-out tools. The pictures of the sets are not to scale and do not provide a sense of the relative lengths of the various chisel sets. Check the lengths given in the descriptions for a better idea.

Since their introduction in 1992, CROWN's High Speed Steel Woodturning tools have rapidly become the favourites of many discerning woodturners worldwide. Made from M2 High Speed Steel (Rockwell 62/64) and fitted with ergonomically designed Beech handles with heavy brass ferrules, these tools are beautyfully effective, giving up to six times the edge life of Carbon tools.

The woodturning tools from Narex have blades made of HSS to guarantee a long service life. The beech handles are waxed. Made in Bystrice in the Czech Republic.

CROWN 8 Piece Woodturning Set With this set of tools (length 380 mm) most tasks can be done.

303320 Roughing out gouge 19 mm
303323 Spindle gouge English pattern 6 mm
303325 Spindle gouge English pattern 13 mm
303340 Parting tool 6 mm
303350 Square end scraper 25 mm
303354 Round nose scraper 19 mm
303358 Skew chisel 13 mm
303360 Skew chisel 25 mm

Comes in paper box!
Code 303390CartPrice € 339.00
CROWN 3 Piece Bowl Gouge Set These bowl gouges (Length 600 mm) are suitable for large projects.

303334 Bowl gouge 6 mm
303335 Bowl gouge 10 mm
303336 Bowl gouge 13 mm

Comes in wooden box!
Code 303391CartPrice € 179.00
CROWN 5 Piece Miniature Woodturning Set A popular set of miniature tools with a total length of approx. 250 mm!

Spindle gouge 3 mm
Spindle gouge 6 mm
Parting tool 1.6 mm
Skew chisel 6 mm
Round nose scraper 6 mm
Comes in wooden box!
This item we ship only within the European Union!
Code 303392CartPrice € 125.00
CROWN 5 Piece Micro Woodturning Set These unique tools are the smallest commercially available, total length 165 mm

Spindle gouge 2.4 mm
Spindle gouge 4.8 mm
Parting tool 2.4 mm
Oval skew chisel 4 mm
Round nose scraper 4 mm
Comes in paper box!
Code 303393CartPrice € 129.00
CROWN 5 Pierce PM Woodturning Set These turning tools made of powder metallurgy steel are right for all wood turners. Powder metallurgy steel blades keep their edges much longer when compared to the high-speed steel usually used for turning tools. They are also very easy to sharpen to a very fine edge. High heat resistance, strength and high hardness are exactly the qualities that are needed in the steel used for turning tools. These tools come from the English manufacturer Crown, in Sheffield, which has extensive experience in the production of high quality wood turning tools.

Pro-PM Roughing Out Gouge 19 mm no. 331000
Pro-PM Spindle Gouge 10 mm no. 331002
Pro-PM Skew Chisel 19 mm no. 331029
Pro-PM Short Bowl Gouge 10 mm no. 331013
Pro-PM Parting Tool 5 mm no. 331020
Comes in paper box
Code 331050CartPrice € 359.00
NAREX 5 Piece HSS Woodturning Set Contents:
Parting Tool, Code 331232
Round Nose Scraper 18 mm Code 331233
Skew Chisel right 18 mm, Code 331238
Spindle Gouge 13 mm, Code 331242
Roughing Out Gouge 19 mm, Code 331245
Comes in wooden box
Code 331250CartPrice € 199.00

NAREX 5 Piece HSS mini woodturning set Contents:
Mini parting tool, code 331257
Mini round nose scraper, code 331258
Mini skew hand tool right, code 331259
3 mm Mini spindle gouge, code 331262
4.7 mm Mini spindle gouge, code 331263
Comes in wooden box

Code 331270CartPrice € 99.00

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