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"Chinese Ball" Tools, Thread Chasers

"Chinese Ball" Tools, Thread Chasers

Since their introduction in 1992, CROWN's High Speed Steel Woodturning tools have rapidly become the favourites of many discerning woodturners worldwide. Made from M2 High Speed Steel (Rockwell 62/64) and fitted with ergonomically designed Beech handles with heavy brass ferrules, these tools are beautyfully effective, giving up to six times the edge life of Carbon tools.

"Chinese Ball" Tool Developed in conjunction with Dave Springett, this unique set of tools comes complete with a full instructional brochure.
Only for experienced Woodturners
The price is for a complete set
This item we ship only within the European Union!
Code 303394CartPrice € 149.00

Thread Chasers These unique tools were developed with the help of Bill Jones and come with a full instructional brochure. Price for one set for inside and outside thread! Only for experienced Woodturners!
Thread Chasers 18 TPI
Code 303395CartPrice € 79.00

Thread Chasers 20 TPI
Code 303396CartPrice € 89.00
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