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Bead Forming Tools, Captive Ring Tools, Ring Tools

Bead Forming Tools, Captive Ring Tools, Ring Tools

Since their introduction in 1992, CROWN's High Speed Steel Woodturning tools have rapidly become the favourites of many discerning woodturners worldwide. Made from M2 High Speed Steel (Rockwell 62/64) and fitted with ergonomically designed Beech handles with heavy brass ferrules, these tools are beautyfully effective, giving up to six times the edge life of Carbon tools.

Bead Forming Tool The perfect tool for cutting accurate beads exactly the same size every time.
Total length 380 mm
Handle length 216 mm
Bead Forming Tool Width 6 mm
Code 303372CartPrice € 31.90

Bead Forming Tool Width 10 mm
Code 303373CartPrice € 33.90

Captive Ring Tool These tools are made specifically for producing rings that are captured by the workpiece and feature a double bevel which results in only one tool being necessary to complete a ring.
Total length 380 mm
Handle length 216 mm

Captive Ring Tool Width 6 mm
for ring dia 4 mm
Code 303374CartPrice € 34.50

Captive Ring Tool Width 10 mm
for ring dia 7 mm
Code 303375CartPrice € 39.90

Captive Ring Tool Width 13 mm
for ring dia 9 mm
Code 303376CartPrice € 44.90

Ring Tool With a dual bevel "High Speed Steel" ring, these tools provide a superb finish when hollowing into end grain. Flat or curved shapes can be accommodated easily.
Important notice: This ring chisel is designed to be used delicately to take very fine shavings. Using the tool for rough or fast work, or exerting any strong leverage on the tool, will inevitably result in breaking off the cutting ring. For the beginner and experienced woodworker alike, a great deal of care must be taken to use the tool carefully, within its design parameters. This is a very specialized, well-made tool. If the cutting ring is broken off the shaft, the tool was not used properly, and this kind of damage cannot fall under our warranty program. For these reasons, beginners are cautioned against using this tool. Please read carefully, and follow, the directions included with the chisel.
Ring Tool Width 13 mm
Total length 395 mm
Handle length 216 mm
Code 303377CartPrice € 42.90

Ring Tool Width 25 mm
Total length 625 mm
Handle length 354 mm
Code 303378CartPrice € 57.90
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