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T-Tracks Metric

T-Tracks Metric

T-Tracks as components for building adjustable shelves, rabbets in router and shaper tables and other useful devices for the workshop have been popular in the Anglo-Saxon world for many years. They have become increasingly popular in the metric-using countries as well. But many people have hesitated to take advantage of the various systems because of the need to use the inch system of measurement in working with the tracks, which is not to everybody’s taste and can be inconvenient. But in spite of the differences, many have successfully incorporated the inch-based tracks into metric-based projects. But with these metric-sized T-Tracks there is now no reason not to take advantage of these extremely practical work aids!

Aweso T-Tracks Metric
Aweso is a manufacturer of warehouse storage components. These "place rails" (so-called by the manufacturer) are the basic component of storage shelves, but we will call them metric T-Tracks in the rest of our descriptions.

The advantage of these rails for a variety of different uses is that a standard hexagonal bolt head in M-8 size precisely fits the track. Actually, the same should be true of the M-8 nut, but in fact they must sometimes be filed a bit to fit. This is not really a problem however, as normally it works better to put the bolt head in the track.

The tracks are 17 mm wide and have a depth of 10 mm and are available from us in three different lengths.
Here you find a 17 mm straight cutter for these t-tracks.
They are made of aluminum with a matt anodized finish.
Please observe:
Length tolerances: + 0 mm / - 3.5 mm.

They take mounting screws with a 3.5 mm diameter shaft.

Measurements of holes

Length CodePrice
600 mm
Code 323000CartPrice € 17.90
1000 mm
Code 323002CartPrice € 24.90
1200 mm
Code 323003CartPrice € 28.90
1600 mm
Code 323005CartPrice € 36.90
Slide Nut with thread M6
These elongate sliding nuts with M6 threads are much better than the stock M8 hex bolts. Because of their oval shape, they slide much easier and do not tilt up. Moreover, the M6 thread offers many possibilities readily available accessories with M6 threads, such as knurled knob bolts (star knobs.)
Fit the above metric Aweso T-tracks
Note: these slide nuts do not fit Incra T-tracks!
Material: steel zinc-coated
Size 25 x 13 x 5 mm
Screw and T-track not included!
Code 323210CartPrice per piece € 0.75

Price per piece € 0.70
Star knobs
Star knobs DIN 6336
Handle Ø 32 mm
Thread M6
Slide nut and T-track not included!
Thread length 16 mm
Code 323220CartPrice € 0.70
Thread length 35 mm
Code 323223CartPrice € 0.75
Thread length 35 mm Bearing surface steel
Code 323234CartPrice € 2.50
Thread length 60 mm
Code 323225CartPrice € 0.90
Click here for clamps for T-tracks, which fit Aweso T-tracks.

Click here for OTORO Deluxe and Mini Deluxe hold-down clamps, which fit Aweso T-tracks.
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