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Safety Scraper

Safety Scraper

NALBIE Safety Scraper

This all-purpose scraper makes light work of cleaning glass panes, smooth tiles, hobs, metal tables and much more. The blade is 39 mm wide. Once the job is done, the black part of the housing is flipped over to secure the blade out of harm’s way in the middle of the housing. The blade is easily replaced (using a coin). Good quality and ergonomic design are further points in its favour. Manufactured by NALBIE in Chiba/Japan.

3 replacement blades are included.

Code 302318CartPrice € 16.90

Set of 10 Replacement Blades 39 mm for NALBIE Safety Scraper
Code 302319CartPrice € 3.50
Nalbie safety scraper with wide blade

Blade width 89 mm
Single-handed operation of the slider to expose and retract the blade.
Very easy blade replacement .

Code 302322CartPrice € 8.90

Set of 20 Replacement Blades 89 mm for NALBIE Safety Scraper
Code 302323CartPrice € 7.95
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