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Shellac is an animal based product, a resin secreted from the "laccifer lacca", an appleseed sized bug in India. It was used for hundreds of years as woodworking finish. When harvested, it has a content of 2 - 3 % wax.

For food- and drug industry uses shellac is dewaxed, this is not necessary and often not wished for wood finishes unless you do not want the warm tone of natural shellac.
Shellac flakes, natural wax content, lemon
This shellac remains with the natural wax content.

Shellac flakes, natural wax content 100 g
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Shellac flakes, natural wax content 500 g
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Base price € 39.00 per kg

Shellac flakes, natural wax content 1000 g
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Base price € 33.90 per kg
Shellac flakes dewaxed pale slightly golden toned 1000 g
More clear than natural shellac.
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Base price € 52.90 per kg
Shellac Polish
This clear and amber coloured polish contains dewaxed pale shellac flakes. Ideal for polishing furniture but can also be applied with a brush.
Bottle content 500 ml
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Base price € 41.80 per litre

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LANDIS Shellac made by LIVOS
Application range: For transparent laquering of all kinds of inerior wood, e. g. furniture, doors, picture frames, wooden ceilings, wall panels. Not suitable for table tops, floors and damp areas. Not suitable for traditional shellac polishing due to its content of larch resin.
Technical qualities: low viscose, transparent, Fast drying by evaporation of the solvent. Depending upon the raw materials used, the color and grade of gloss may vary from charge to charge. After the third coat the surface is limited in resistance to chemicals, water, abrasion an scratches.
How to use
Bottle content 1 liter
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Base price € 37.50 per litre

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High Grade Denatured Alcohol
High Grade Denatured Alcohol
Shellac must be dissolved in alcohol. In opposite to usually available denatured alcohol with only 94 or 95 % alcohol, our High Grade Denatured Alcohol is dehydrogenated and contains 98 % alcohol and only 1 % denaturants. The denaturant used is methylethylketon (MEK).
Plastic Bottle 0.75 l
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Base price € 11.87 per litre

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Pumice Powder
Pumice Powder for grain filling
Italian fine volcanic ash powder to be applied to the muneca outside. The slightly ethanol or strong diluted shellac loaded muneca is rubbed in a clockwise or counterclockwise rotation on the surface to fill the pores.
Paper bag content 500 g
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Priming Oil
Priming Oil
Oil to highlight the texture of the grain and to make polishing easier. Apply with brush 2 days before you start with shellac. Only for furniture!
Tin content 750 ml
Code 109130CartPrice € 13.90
Base price € 18.00 per litre
Polishing Oil
Polishing Oil
This resin and acid free oil is used to lubricate the muneca. A few drops on the wood surface or the muneca cover prevents the muneca from sticking.
Bottle content 250 ml
Code 109140CartPrice € 5.90
Base price € 23.80 per litre
Special Benzoe Stripping-off Polish
Special Styrax Benzoin Stripping-off Polish
is used to remove the residues of polishing oil and to polish the surface to a higher and clear gloss. Further the finish is hardened by this process.
Bottle content 250 ml
Currently not in stock!
Code 109145Cart Price € 14.90
Base price € 47.80 per litre

This item ships only to: DE, BE, NL, LU, AT, HU, CZ
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