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Screw Removal Locking Pliers

Screw Removal Locking Pliers

We’ve been selling screw removal pliers from ENGINEER for several years with great success. Even screws with damaged heads are quite easily removed thanks to the special vertical serrations on the gripping surface. Now your job has become even easier! On the new screw removal locking pliers you do not have to press the handles together anymore while simultaneously turning them. Tighten the knurled screw at the end of one handle to reliably grip the damaged screw head and then simply turn. You release the handle by tapping a finger on the inside of the moveable part of the handle - in essence you can do it one-handed. The grip is made of non-slip elastomer.

Screw Removal Locking Plier

Screw Removal Locking Pliers PZ-64 from ENGINEER These small locking pliers are suitable for screw heads 3 to 9.5 mm in diameter
Max. pliers opening 38 mm
Length 150 mm

Code 323296CartPrice € 17.90

Screw Removal Locking Pliers PZ-65 from ENGINEER The large model grips screw heads 7 to 12 mm in diameter
Max. pliers opening 48 mm
Length 190 mm

Code 323297CartPrice € 19.90

This video shows you how to use the Screw Removal Locking Pliers:
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