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Screwdriver Brace Bit

Screwdriver Brace Bit

Screwdriver Brace Bit with conical square Shaft

This small and inconspicuous tool will soon become indispensable to anyone who regularly needs to free up and remove large, frozen screws. With a brace one can put enormous pressure on the screw head, while at the same time achieve a very high torque for those stubborn fasteners, like one finds very often when working on old and antique furniture for instance.

Unfortunately we have only one size available. But it is easy to file these bits down to the correct size for almost any job. These come from remaindered stock, and are not currently being produced. Made in Germany. Total Length 130 mm (5 inch).

Screwdriver Brace Bit
Edge size 16 x 2 mm (5/8 x 5/64 inch)

Currently not in stock!
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