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Wooden blanks

Wooden blanks

Lime is one of the best timbers for carving because it is soft, has a fine structure and as a rule does not splinter. It is also very durable provided it is protected from the weather, as borne out by many well preserved woodcarvings from the Middle Ages. These precut blocks are especially suited for beginners who want to get started with their new hobby without further ado.

Lime wood blank Size 165 x 80 x 34 mm
Code 331330CartPrice € 2.20
Lime wood blank Size 250 x 120 x 34 mm
Code 331331CartPrice € 3.95
Lime wood blank
spoon shape
Will be translated soon!
Länge ca. 250 mm
Breite der Laffe ca. 55 mm
Breite des Stiels hinten ca. 28 mm
Breite des Stiels vor der Laffe ca. 23 mm
Dicke ca. 32 mm
Code 331332CartPrice € 3.50
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