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INCRA Router Table Platform

INCRA Router Fence Systems can be installed on any router table, but there's no question that using a top-quality table will improve your results. The extreme positioning accuracy of the LS Router Systems can often spotlight issues that go unnoticed with conventional router table fences - a router plate that can move in the table's opening, insert rings that aren't perfectly flush with the router plate, etc. These INCRA router tables are designed and engineered to perform under the most demanding, high-accuracy routing operations.

There is much discussion in the market place about what router tables should be made from (MDF, phenolic, aluminum, cast iron, etc.). Ultimately, though, the table's router mounting plate and HOW a router table is made will be much more important for performance than the material the table itself is made from.

computer-machined plate opening Incra's router tables feature horizontal-grade, high pressure laminate applied to the top and bottom of the super-flat MDF core using heat and 100,000 pounds of pressure for a balanced, stable construction. Each computer-machined plate opening also has ten large, flat head leveling screws that form a solid steel base to support the plate, and the plates are conveniently leveled from above the table through access holes in the router plates to eliminate the need to sit on the floor with an Allen wrench. An aluminum miter channel is preinstalled to accept any miter gauge with a 3/4 inch x 3/8 inch (19 x 9.5 mm) miter bar.

MagnaLock router mounting plate The Router Mounting plate is the single most important part of any high-accuracy router table. The super-rigid, 3/8"-thick aluminum MagnaLock router mounting plates are pre-drilled for the most popular routers. The high energy, rare-earth magnets of the MagnaLock System allows you to instantly remove or install the included steel reducing rings, and the magnets hold the ring secure and perfectly flush with the plate every time. It's simply the most convenient and best-performing ring system available. All of Incra's mounting plates include three laser-cut steel rings with 1", 2-1/8" and 3-5/8" openings. A simple quarter turn of the corner mounted Cam-Lock securely holds the plate snugly in the router table's recess.

The outstanding MagnaLOCK Aluminum Router Mounting Plates fit all INCRA Router Tables, but you can also upgrade to an PRL-V2 Router Lift for the ultimate in convenience.Video

INCRA Offset Router Table Top 24 x 36 inch
This 24" x 36" (610 x 914 mm) Offset Router Table is a compact choice and factory pre-drilled for mounting the LS Positioner 17" model directly. Includes a preinstalled aluminum miter channel. Aluminum MagnaLock router mounting plate NOT included and must be ordered separately! Made in U.S.A.
Table thickness 1-23/64 inch (34.5 mm)
With 3/8 inch x 3/4 inch (19 x 9.5 mm) T-Slot Miter Channel. This miter channel takes the INCRA Miter Slider.
We recommend to read these instructions before you buy.
Code 314602CartPrice € 269.00
INCRA 36 inch Router Table Stand
Need a little support for your new router table top? Incra's Router Table Stands provide a rock solid base to build on. Constructed of hard anodized aluminum and "armor plated" powder coat heavy gauge steel for years of durable performance in your workshop. T-Slotted Aluminum legs permit easy assembly and allow for positioning of the optional shelf supports at any height. Great for creating a shelf at a comfortable level. Non-skid leg levelers for vertical height adjustability from 34-1/2 inch (876 mm) to 36-1/2 inch (927 mm). Need a cabinet for your router station? No problem with Incra's innovative leg design. Just slide ½ inch (12.7 mm) panels into the channel on each leg to easily enclose the stand. Create the ultimate dust collection enclosure in minutes.
Seating 720 x 510 mm
Currently not in stock!
Code 314605Cart Price € 169.00
INCRA Offset Router Table Top 27 x 43 inch
This 27 inch x 43 inch (686 x 1092 mm) Offset Router Table is INCRA's widest top and is similar in depth to most table saws for more work surface front-to-rear. This table allows full capacity on the LS 25 and LS 17 Systems. Factory pre-drilled for mounting the LS Positioner 25 direct , for LS Positioner 17 you need to drill 4 additional holes. The larger work envelope of the 27" x 43" is favored by many for use with the smaller range positioners as well. Includes a preinstalled aluminum miter channel. Aluminum MagnaLock router mounting plate NOT included and must be ordered separately! Made in U.S.A.
Table thickness 1-23/64 inch (34.5 mm)
With 3/8 inch x 3/4 inch (19 x 9.5 mm) T-Slot Miter Channel. This miter channel takes the INCRA Miter Slider.
We recommend to read these instructions before you buy.
Code 314600CartPrice € 299.00
INCRA 43 inch Router Table Stand
Same construction as router table stand above, but larger model for 43 inch table tops.
Seating 970 x 510 mm
Code 314606CartPrice € 169.00
INCRA Shelf Supports - Set of 2
These are extra sets of the short stringers used in the INCRA Router Table Stand 36" and Router Table Stand 43". Using the T-slots on the outside of the legs, they allow multiple shelves to be installed at any height within the stand. The Shelf Support Kit is great for more advanced installations. Example!
Code 314607CartPrice € 25.90
INCRA Wheel Kit
Use this INCRA Wheel Kit to make your router table mobile in a small shop. Compatible with the Router Table Stand 36" and Router Table Stand 43", the kit features powder coated 14 gauge steel parts. Stepping on the double-action lever at the swivel caster lifts and holds one end of the router table stand, and stepping on the other half of the lever returns the leg levelers to the floor.
Currently not in stock!
Code 314608Cart Price € 69.00
Aluminum MagnaLock Router Mounting Plate
Designed for every INCRA Router table top, these plates will fit the standard 9-1/4" (235 mm) x 11-3/4" (298.5 mm) recess in many other router table tops as well. Have a look to the Incra Aluminum MagnaLock Plate Compatibility Cart

All of these mounting plates include three laser-cut steel rings with 1 inch (25.4 mm), 2-1/8 inch (54 mm) and 3-5/8 inch (92 mm) openings, and more ring sizes are available as 8 piece set.

10 levelling set screws, 1 cam lock screw and suitable imperial allen keys included!

Blank Plate
The MagnaLock Undrilled plate can be bored to fit almost any router, as long as the mounting holes for that specific router are outside the diameter of the ring inserts. The diameter of the ring inserts is 104 mm. If the mounting holes are inside that dimension, then there will either be no material to bore out or there will be interference with the MagnaLock ring inserts. We also recommend this universal plate if you are not sure, whether your router fits into the plates below.
Note: Due to the relative large recess in the plate the holes need to be drilled outside a diameter of 125 mm. So please check the base plate of your router whether it is large enough. The MagnaLock plate is 9.5 mm thick. Please consider this too in case you have router with only small travel.
Detail of MagnaLOCK Plate MLPUNDRILLED
Code 314619CartPrice € 129.00

INCRA MagnaLOCK Plate MLP1613-AL
Bosch 1613
Detail of MagnaLOCK Plate MLP1613
Code 314611CartPrice € 129.00

Makita 3612C
Note: does not fit the successor RP2300. In this case we recommend to choose the undrilled plate and drill the appropriate holes by yourself.
Detail of MagnaLOCK Plate MLP3612C
Code 314613CartPrice € 129.00

INCRA MagnaLOCK Plate MLP621625-AL
Bosch 1611
Dewalt DW621, DW625
Fein RT-1800
Trend T11 (Holes for height adjustment must be drilled!)
Code 314614CartPrice € 129.00

INCRA MagnaLOCK Plate MLP690890-AL
Bosch 1617, 1618 (Access for above-the-table height adjustment may need to be drilled)
Dewalt DW618
Makita RF-1101, RF1100
Milwaukee 5615, 5616 (Access for above-the-table height adjustment may need to be drilled)
Porter Cable 690-699 series
Porter Cable 890-899 series
Porter Cable 7529, 8529
Rigid R2930 (Access for above-the-table height adjustment may need to be drilled)
Bosch GMF1600CE(Access for above-the-table height adjustment must be drilled!) Picture
Detail of MagnaLOCK Plate MLP690890
Code 314615CartPrice € 129.00

INCRA MagnaLOCK Plate MLP7518-AL
Milwaukee 5625 (Access for above-the-table height adjustment may need to be drilled)
Porter Cable 7518, 7519
Porter Cable 7538, 7539
Triton TRC-001, TRA-001, MOF-001KC, MOF-001 (Requires mounting bolts - not included. Access for above-the-table height adjustment must be drilled)
Code 314616CartPrice € 129.00

Freud FT-3000
Casals CT3000VCE
Notice regarding Casals: It seems that the mounting holes are not completely congruent and you may have to widen some holes!

Reduced from * € 129.00

Code 314620CartPrice € 79.00

Hitachi M12-VE
Code 314612CartPrice € 129.00
INCRA MagnaLOCK Ring Set - 8 Rings
(3/8 5/8 7/8 1-3/8 1-5/8 1-7/8 2-5/8 3-3/8 inch)

All of INCRA's Aluminum Mounting Plates and the Incra Mast-R-Lift feature the exclusive Magna Lock magnetic throat plate system. Magna Lock throat plates can be removed or added without any special tools. Simply drop any plate into the keyed recess and the Magna Lock plate snaps smartly into place held securely in place by 4 high-energy rare earth magnets. A perfect flush alignment with the surrounding left surface is guaranteed. This 8-piece set is a nice addition to what is included standard with the plates and includes a size for every requirement. Now you can have zero clearance around any cutter diameter.
The diameter of these ring inserts is 104 mm.
Code 314610CartPrice € 65.00
INCRA MagnaLOCK Solid Insert
When you're not using your router table, this solid steel insert conveniently snaps into the MagnaLOCK recess in INCRA router mounting plates and router lifts to keep sawdust, small tools, and loose hardware out of your router.

Every woodworker uses their router table's top for something other than routing - project assembly, sanding station, storage - and everyone eventually gets some foreign object into an unused router.

This solid steel insert is identical to your other MagnaLOCK Rings except that there's no router bit opening. When you're not using your router, this insert keeps out sawdust, small tools, loose hardware, and everything else that you don't want dropped into the motor.

This is a must-have item if your router setup is built into a table or saw work bench, and it will save you aggravation at any router table that uses an INCRA Router Plate or Router Lift.
Code 314609CartPrice € 10.90
INCRA Router Table Routing Template
There's a lot of value the convenience, economy, and performance of a good commercially-made router table, but if you want to build a table or have a custom router installation in mind, this routing template will save you tons of time.

This 3/4 inch (19 mm) thick MDF template is machined on computerized equipment to produce a perfect fitting opening for INCRA MagnaLock plates and router lifts. The generous border allows it to be clamped into position on all but the largest router tables, and there's plenty of surface area for double-sided tape, if you prefer.

A pattern router bit (bearing on the shank) with a cutting length of 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch (13 - 19 mm) is ideal for use with this template. Available on our Trimming Cutters with Upper Ball Bearing Page!
Template size 603 x 400 mm
Code 314625CartPrice € 17.90
Low Head Socket Cap Screw
Low Head Socket Cap Screw
Low Head Socket Cap Screw
5/16 inch - 18 UNC x 5/8 inch

In the photo to the left you can see the cut-out for the mounting plate in the Incra-router table. The shape is cut with a computer-controlled router and takes 10 flat-headed screws, which creates a very solid steel base for the mounting plate. The plate itself can be easily adjusted using 10 Allen-head screws.

If you would like to build your own router table out of MDF, and cannot do without the fine-adjustment feature, we recommend these screws for the job. They are an exact fit for the mounting plate. You will need 10 screws. Drill pilot holes with a 6.5 mm or 1/4 inch bit! The relatively coarse threads of the screws will cut their own threads in the MDF board. It is very important to drill straight and square into the MDF. Required: Allen Key 5/32 inch!
Tip: The rabbet of the Incra router table opening is 14.5 mm x 14.5 mm. Using these measures you are on the secure side.

Measurements inch mm
Basic Screw Diameter 5/16 7.9
Length Without Head 5/8 15.9
Head Diameter 7/16 11.1
Head Hight 5/32 4.0
Hex Socket Size 5/32 -
Code 328025CartPrice € 0.90
Set: 10 Levelling Set Screws for INCRA MagnaLOCK Plate
These parts sometimes get lost. Here are the replacements!
Levelling Set Screw size:
L = 3/8 inch, thread 1/4 inch UNF fine
Allen key 1/8 inch required (Not included!)
Code 314640CartPrice € 6.90
Set: 1 Cam Lock Screw, 1 Allen Key 1/8 inch for INCRA MagnaLOCK Plate
These parts sometimes get lost. Here are the replacements!
Cam Lock Screw size: TL with head = 3/8 inch, thread 1/4 inch UNC coarse
Code 314641CartPrice € 1.95
INCRA MagnaLOCK Porter-Cable Guide Bushing Ring
This ring fits all INCRA MagnaLOCK Plates and Lifts produced since 2006. Features a 1-3/16 inch inside diameter within a shouldered recess to accept standard Porter-Cable style guide bushings.

Note: Porter-Cable Guide bushing and lock ring (yellow parts on picture) NOT included.

Code 314630CartPrice € 11.90
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