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Roubo frame saw kit

Roubo Frame Saw Kit made by Blackburn Tools

For those interested in learning and practicing woodworking as it was done in centuries past, or with a special piece of wood too large to run through your bandsaw, these frame saws offer a viable method of resawing lumber and ripping planks. Inspired by and patterned after the large frame veneer saw described by Roubo in the 18th century, parts for these saws are now available in three sizes for even greater versatility.

Blades and hardware are available together as a complete kit (you supply only the wood for the frame) for a modest savings. The hardware comes in a small and large version. The small comes with the smallest blade, the large with the two larger blades. All parts are made from steel, and are sized to generate and withstand the considerable tension that makes these saws function well. Ready to install, with the exception of the steel brackets, which have a small welded seam on the inside that should be filed down. This is a few minutes of work with a coarse file.

The blade is available in three sizes (see table below). Blades are bright steel; this is not a fine polish or mirror finish, but is perfectly serviceable. They can be used as they come, or sanded to a more polished finish before sharpening. Because these saws are meant to cut fast, the teeth are approximately 0┬░ of rake. The blades come sharpened. They are jointed, set, and sharpened to high standards, and are ready to cut (they may require side dressing to fine tune the tracking, which is explained in the sharpening instructions). The teeth are set for use in dry woods. If you will be working primarily in green woods, you need to add a little extra set to prevent binding. The best saw set for these blades is an old Stanley 42 saw set (not the 42X which looks similar). The steel used is Premium 1095 spring steel, hardened and tempered to Rc 48-51. Blades are NOT taper ground. Blades feature an untoothed section at the front of the blade for easy and accurate starts.

The hardware & blade kits are available in 3 sizes (see table below), this kit combines the blade and the hardware for everything (except the wood) needed to build the best frame saw on the market today.

Wood is not included. Many species of wood will work, although woods with high bending strengths are preferred for the arms. Ash, hickory, cherry, soft maple, poplar, and many others will work well. See the dimensioned templates for the hardware you are using (small or large) for the required dimensions of the wood stock.

Frame saw sharpening instructions and tips for use (PDF)
Roubo frame saw arm pattern for 813 mm long blade (PDF)
Roubo frame saw arm pattern for 914 and 1219 mm long blade (PDF)

Note: Depending on your printer, the dimensions in the two assembly instructions may not be exactly to a scale of 1 : 1! Bear this in mind when you are working with this documentation!

Roubo frame saw kit

Roubo frame saw kit Hardware and blade kit include:
One saw blade
Two steel brackets
One heavy duty (lift rated) eye bolt with nut
One bearing plate (with two wood screws)
Two keepers (for holding the blade in the brackets)

Total length Blade width Blade thickness Pitch CodePrice
51 x 813 mm (32 inch) 51 mm (2 inch) 0.8 mm (0.032 inch) 7.3 mm (3-1/2 TPI)
Code 322685CartPrice € 189.00
76 x 914 mm (36 inch) 76 mm (3 inch) 1.1 mm (0.042 inch) 11 mm (2-1/3 TPI)
Code 322687CartPrice € 209.00
102 x 1219 mm (48 inch) 102 mm (4 inch) 1.1 mm (0.042 inch) 11 mm (2-1/3 TPI)
Code 322689CartPrice € 249.00

Suitable saw files (code 314050, 302526)
Suitable file handles (code 302127, 302129)
Suitable saw-set pliers (code 317120)

Roubo frame saw

Picture above: Historical representation
Picture below: Finished saw

Roubo frame saw

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