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Corner Clamp, Frame Clamp, Ulmia Spring Clamps

Corner Clamp, Frame Clamp, Ulmia Spring Clamps

Adjustable Corner Clamp with steel tape 7 m (23 ft) long

4 Aluminium jaws on a roll of steel tape extendable to 7 m make the clamping of frames and odd-shaped bodies quite simple and secure.
Minimum clamping range 70 x 70 mm
See how it works!

Code 300150CartPrice € 39.50

Replacement steel tape 7 m (23 ft) long
Code 300151CartPrice € 13.90
Bessey Band Clamp BAN700

Clamping curves, polygonal connections and closed contours are traditionally some of the most difficult clamping jobs. BESSEY has come up with a startling solution to this problem: in the form of the patented band clamp BAN 700, and the practical Vario corners. These two products are suitable for all those situations where gentle, non-warping, all-round clamping is needed. Universally applicable. For wood and plastic as well as in metal construction. Secured by an automatic locking system that ensures even tractive forces on both sides, which do not slacken until the clamp is released.
Clamping range up to 7 m (example: square body length 1.75 m each side)
Minimum clamping range 40 x 60 mm
Band width 25 mm
Band thickness 1 mm
4 Vario corners included

Example of use

Code 317510CartPrice € 39.95
Set of 6 Bessey Vario Corners BVE

Angle range 60° - 180°
Extra set as replacement or for clamping of multi-corner bodies. Note: the band clamp above includes 4 Vario corners.

Code 317511CartPrice € 11.90
VERITAS Frame Clamp

This is a fast 4-way clamp ideal for picture framing and boxes. Speed-clamping nuts eliminate time-consuming threading. The maximum capacity is 23 inch/57 cm square. This frame clamp can be used as ordinary clamp too, see picture below.
Minimum clamping range 50 x 50 mm

Code 307975CartPrice € 29.90

Extension set (no picture)

consisting of 4 threaded rods and coupling nuts to increase the clamping capacity to 44 inch/110 cm square.

Code 307976CartPrice € 9.90
Bessey Light Duty Corner Clamp WS1

Ideal for light duty clamping. Spindles adjust to various sized work pieces. This is an economical alternative for fixed 90 degree angles for miter joints. Mounting holes allow to fix this corner clamp to the work surface.
Max. width of workpiece 73 mm
Height of jaws 12 mm
Example of use

Code 317540CartPrice € 8.50
ULMIA Spring Clamps

ULMIA’s special spring clamps are useful in many situations. Whether the work is picture framing or cabinet making, wherever there is a need to glue together tiny mitred corners, these spring clips are just the thing. With the gripper in one hand a strong but accurate clamping force can be exerted while the other hand keeps the parts to be joined in exactly the right position. The clamps are made of high grade hardened spring steel and their gently ground points will to all practical purposes avoid the stock being damaged. The grippers are made of light metal.

Full Set of Spring Clamps

8 in each size, i.e. 48 clamps in all, with one gripper. The whole range for the professional - packaged to be easy to see and take out. The transparent lid of the box shows the applications and the area clamped.

Code 300410CartPrice € 149.00

Gripper only (no picture)

Code 300417CartPrice € 45.90

Set of 10 Spring Clamps

Size for board width clamping width CodePrice
a 10 - 15 mm 9 mm
Code 300411CartPrice € 18.90
b 15 - 25 mm 15 mm
Code 300412CartPrice € 18.90
c 20 - 30 mm 20 mm
Code 300413CartPrice € 21.90
d 25 - 45 mm 35 mm
Code 300414CartPrice € 23.90
e 40 - 70 mm 45 mm
Code 300415CartPrice € 24.90
f 65 - 90 mm 65 mm
Code 300416CartPrice € 23.90
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