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Panel Platform Saddles and Kits

Panel Platform Saddles and Kits

Set Platform Saddles with 4 brackets for boards 18 - 19 mm thick and 4 posts for holes 19 - 20 mm

These innovative saddles have dozens of practical applications in the workshop or on a job site.

Used to hold 18 to 19 mm thick boards, they make for a fast, flexible method of creating a sacrificial work stand-off for drilling, cutting or finishing.

The removable posts have sprung wings to ensure a snug fit in both 19 mm and 20 mm dog holes for bench use. With the posts removed they can be surface mounted wherever you need them.

Supplied in sets of four, they are molded from resilient polypropylene that can stand up to plenty of hard use but won’t damage tool edges.

While they are ideal for bench-top use, they can be creatively used to configure a stable work surface using materials at hand, whenever needed.

A smart, straightforward system that will change the way you work.

4 panhead screws 4 x 20 mm and one square bit # 2 included.

Instructions (PDF)

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Set Platform Saddles with 4 brackets for boards 37 - 38 mm thick and 4 posts for holes 19 - 20 mm

Same as above but for boards 37 - 38 mm thick

Instruction (PDF)

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VERITAS Panel Platform Kit

If you use a circular saw, you need this kit. The assembled platform is flat and stable, with sacrificial cross-rail supports that let you rip or crosscut material without worrying about your blade contacting the surface beneath. You can work with confidence on any flat surface, indoors or out. It’s so stable you can kneel right on sheet goods while you make your cut – no more stretching or stooping, and it’s easier to follow your line accurately.

Assembled using standard lumber you supply, the kit includes 12 resilient polypropylene brackets that are screwed to a pair of boards to create the platform base; six boards clip into the mounted brackets to serve as the sacrificial cross-rails. It’s that simple.

The assembled platform takes less than a minute to set up, and can be used over and over again to make hundreds of cuts with ease, speed and accuracy. When you’re done cutting, the kit breaks down quickly and fits neatly into the 120 cm long nylon bag (the platform bases stick out).

Portable, storable and effective, this kit will change the way you work. It has our highest recommendation.

Panel Platform Kit with 12 brackets and nylon bag
for boards 18 - 19 mm thick
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