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Pincers, plier wrenches, water pump pliers

Pincers, plier wrenches, water pump pliers

VBW is the name to trust when it comes to quality pliers. Pincers, plier wrenches and pipe wrench pliers are standard tools and indispensable in any woodworking shop or job-site tool box. Apart from the pincers, all these wrenches feature a box-joint design with one grip passing through a slot in the other at the pivot. This construction is more difficult and expensive to manufacture, but helps the plier jaws stay well aligned over their full service life.

VBW Pincers

One of the oldest form of pliers, these pincers are designed for heavy duty use.

Plastic-coated handles
Drop-forged specialty steel
Oil-hardened cutters
Total length 200 mm
Width of jaws 23 mm

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VBW water pump wrench black

A small yet extremely robust wrench for universal use with high stability thanks to the two-sided guideway of the box-joint design. Self-clamping, no slipping on workpiece and low hand fatigue.

Plastic-coated handles
Total length 177 mm
Opening 28 mm
6 ratchet holes

Code 322070CartPrice € 17.95
VBW 181 mm FastGRIP water pump wrench

Water pump or pipe wrenches are designed to grip mostly round but also other variously formed workpieces. Depending on the wrench size, the fine adjustment has 10 to 15 ratchet points that are easily set with a push button. The ergonomically formed handles allow you to apply very high forces even in unfavourable grip holds thanks to the self-locking feature of the induction-hardened jaws. Slipping on workpieces is virtually impossible, operating fatigue is low and pinch protection prevents injuries to fingers. The high-quality box-joint design ensures a long service life for this heavy duty wrench.

Total length 181 mm
Opening 28 mm
10 Ratchet holes

Code 322065CartPrice € 26.90

VBW 250 mm FastGRIP water pump wrench

As above, but longer and with greater jaw opening

Total length 250 mm
Opening 35 mm
12 Ratchet holes

Code 322066CartPrice € 28.90
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