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Bone Glue, Veneer Paper

Bone Glue, Veneer Paper

We recommend our high quality traditional bone glue for fine wood work. Its advantages are many but first and foremost are the strength of the bond, reversibility (heat applied to a joint will soften the glue), and it is non-toxic.

Bone Glue

Bone glue, made of animal bones, as the name suggests, was in general use among cabinetmakers for centuries. Read about the advantages of bone glue and how to use!

Bone Glue 100 g

For small demands!

Code 109007CartPrice € 3.90

Base price € 39.00 per kg

Bone Glue 1000 g

Code 109008CartPrice € 14.90

Base price € 14.90 per kg

Veneer Tape

Used to hold veneers together before gluing to prevent slippage. Made of white bleached Kraft paper 40 g/sqm, extremely tear resistent. For light coloured veneers, also suitable for veneers thicker than 0.6 mm. The gumming is free of grease and acids, avoiding therefore spotformation and discolouration.

Veneer Tape unperforated

Standard use, if paper is removed after veneering.

Roll 200 m (600 ft.), 20 mm (3/4 inch) wide.
white, unperforated

Code 303047CartPrice € 6.95

Base price € 0.035 per m

Veneer Tape perforated, 2 rows of holes

Perforated tapes are used specially for the application between veneer and carrier material.

Roll 200 m (600 ft.), 20 mm (3/4 inch) wide.
white, perforated

Code 303048CartPrice € 7.95

Base price € 0.04 per m

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