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JUUMA Multi Adjustable Clamp

JUUMA Multi Adjustable Clamp

When a clamping width from 0 - 170 mm fits your needs, these adjustable clamps are a fast, unbeatable, solution to the job. They are designed for small glue-ups and other clamping needs. Through an adjustment mechanism, the clamping width of these clamps can be adjusted so that you always have a comfortable span between the grips and they can easily be put in place using one hand. The grips are ergonomically formed in a two-component plastic. A short push on the metal lever between the grips provides a quick release from clamping. Clamping pressure up to 290 N.

JUUMA Multi Adjustable Clamp

JUUMA Multi Adjustable Clamp
Clamping capacity 0 - 170 mm
Jaw surface 30 x 25 mm
Weight 250 g

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Very useful as a quick “third hand” that can be placed using one hand. For instance, this clamp is being used to prevent bowing or cupping across the board during this glue up using the JUUMA Sash clamps.

In the photo below, you can see the different jaw positions and clamping widths possible using the adjustment wheel feature. In the photo to the right below, the adjustment wheel is enlarged. An arrow shows the first point. Using a total of 7 different settings, you can choose from 7 different jaw configurations. You need only adjust the arm to the desired point. You simply release the locking wheel, move the jaw, and then lock it solidly back in place by turning the wheel back to the locked position. The possible choices in clamping widths has the advantage that the two grips always remain close enough together to easily fit in one had, as they are never too far apart.

Adjustable clamping-width settings (approximate)
1. Point 2. Point 3. Point 4. Point 5. Point 6. Point 7. Point
0 - 18 mm 0 - 46 mm 22 - 78 mm 55 - 110 mm 88 - 143 mm 120 - 150 mm 147 - 170 mm

JUUMA Multi Adjustable Clamp
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