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Japanese water stones: Mizukihara natural water stones

Japanese water stones: Mizukihara natural water stones

The stones on this page have been mined in Mizukihara, very close to the famous Ohira mines west of Kyoto. For more information regarding natural Japanese sharpening stones, see our general notes on Japanese natural sharpening and honing stones.

Because these stones have an irregular shape, all measurements are approximate. In the descriptions we list the length, height and width of each stone. The external dimensions, however, do not provide much information about the available grinding area. To provide you with an idea of the available grinding area – which is probably what really interests you – we have measured two imaginary rectangles on each stone: a short and wide rectangle and a long and narrow one. We think this provides a very good idea of the available grinding area.

Irregular stones are not everywhere of equal thickness. If the stone is simply placed on a flat table, it may lie unevenly, for example, at an incline. What we recommend is that you place a thin spacer or shim underneath the thinner part of the stone to level it. This will help to establish a horizontal surface to work on when grinding or sharpening, and therefore help you achieve accurate results.

Mizukihara natural honing stone nr. 315577
Mizukihara natural honing stone Grit grade (estimated): more than 7000
Overall size 280 mm x 150 mm x 30 mm
Grinding area 110 x 70 mm
Weight 1839 g
Rear view
Note: Every stone is different! The stone for sale here is the one in the photo.
Distinguishing features: Small sharpening area for stone size. Some grooves on the right in front.
Colour: grey
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