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Mini Saw Guide - Directions for Use

Delivered in the set

Delivered in the set:
  1. Two screws to attach the back to the work piece
  2. Back
  3. Aluminum body
  4. Threaded plate
  5. Sawblade spacer plate
  6. Guide plate
  7. Two screws for mounting pieces 3, 4, 5, 6
  8. 45°-angle bracket with hand screws
  9. Guide accessory for long cuts
  10. Dummy saw blade
  11. Saw grip
  12. Saw blade
Putting the Saw Together
Putting the Saw Together
Putting the Saw Together:
First assemble the saw, sliding the blade into the handle. The bolts can be tightened using a small coin. But be careful, the teeth are razor sharp!

The guide comes assembled so you can begin right away if you want to make a 90° cut.
The miter guide comes assembled to make a90°-cut.
Mark the workpiece for the cut using a square.
Mini saw guide
After inserting the saw blade between the guide plate and the body, you can start sawing. Hold the orange back firmly against the workpiece and use your right hand to start cutting on the pull stroke! Japanese saws cut on the pull stroke!
left-handed miter guide
If you are left handed, you can unscrew the orange back and re-install it on the other side of the frame to have a comfortable left-handed miter guide.
guide to make a 45° miter cut to the right
45° Miter Cut
Setting the guide to make a 45° miter cut to the right,
Right Handed Set Up

1. Remove the guide plate, spacer plate and threaded plate from the guide frame.
2. Install 45°-guide plate to the guide frame using the hand screws provided
3. Install threaded plate, spacer plate and guide plate on the 45°-face
Assembly for 45° miter cut to the left
Assembly for 45° miter cut to the left,
Right handed assembly.

Assembly: as above but with the 45°- face turned.

By changing the orange colored back to the other side of the frame, you can achieve each of the settings described above but for a left-hander.
To Saw Other Angles
To Saw Other Angles:
Draw the desired angle on the work piece.
To Saw Other Angles
Set the miter guide for a 90° crosscut and remove the orange back. Put the dummy saw blade in the guide and position the blade exactly over the desired cut. In this position use a solid clamp to hold the miter guide firmly in place. Remove the dummy saw blade, insert the saw and start sawing.
To Saw Other Angles
Using this method you can also cut very small angles, as for scarf joints.
To Saw Other Angles
Advice: You can obviously use any clamp you like, but we recommend these practical, small, C-clamps.
Sawing wide workpieces
Sawing wide workpieces:
1. Draw out the cut you would like to make on the workpiece.
2. Attach a straight edge or batten parallel to and 11 cm away from the cut.
3. Take the orange back off the guide frame and attach the aluminum guide accessory for long work pieces. (9)
4. Use the dummy saw blade to make sure everything is set up properly to cut to the line you marked.
5. Insert the saw into the guide and start cutting, holding the guide frame firmly against your straight edge and moving it slowly along as the cut progresses though the workpiece.
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