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MHG Firmer Gouges, Framing Gouges, Butt Chisel Gouges

MHG Firmer Gouges, Framing Gouges, Butt Chisel Gouges

MHG Firmer Gouges and Framing Gouges are manufactured using a new forging process, which adds significantly to the toughness and elasticity of the blade, and allows for a surprisingly long-lasting edge. Through a combination of compression and heat treatment, the alloy-steel blades attain a level of performance that was up till now difficult to find outside of the highest-end hand-forged tools. The blades are hardened to 61 HRC (+/- 1) along their entire working length.

MHG Butt Chisel Gouges The new MHG Butt Chisel Gouges come with oiled round Ash handle. Blade is polished.
Total length 200 mm
Handle diameter at thickest point 39 mm

Blade width CodePrice
12 mm
Code 308433CartPrice € 17.90
16 mm
Code 308434CartPrice € 18.90
20 mm
Code 308435CartPrice € 19.90
26 mm
Code 308436CartPrice € 21.90
32 mm
Code 308437CartPrice € 22.90
5pc MHG Butt Chisel Gouge Set Comes in wooden box
Sizes included 12, 16, 20, 26, 32 mm
Code 308440CartPrice € 109.00
5 pc Mixed Set MHG Butt Chisel Gouges and Short Chisels Comes in wooden box
Chisel sizes included 12, 16, 20 mm
Butt Chisel Gouge sizes included 12, 26 mm
Code 308441CartPrice € 99.00

Short chisels available individually!
MHG Firmer Gouges MHG Firmer Gouges come with hornbeam handle, matt varnished. Blade finely grinded, not polished.
Total length 310 - 320 mm
Handle diameter at thickest point 35 mm

Blade width CodePrice
50 mm
Code 308473CartPrice € 46.90
55 mm
Code 308474CartPrice € 49.90

MHG Framing Gouge This timber tool offers a new solution for timber framers and log builders. It is machine made using high quality CR-steel in a new developed forging method. This timber tool easily stand the comparison with hand forged tools, offering a maximum of performance and durability, with edges staying sharp and long thanks to a high grain compression and heat treatment quality never achieved before in machine production. Framing gouges are designed for cleaning up rounded channels in visible outer areas. View of cut
Total length 460 mm (18 inch)
Blade length 60 mm (2-3/8 inch)
Handle diameter 37 mm (1-1/2 inch)
Hollow Cut 7
Blade width 50 mm (2 inch)
Code 308486CartPrice € 135.00
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