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Colt MaxiCut® Plus Forstner Bit with Drill Center Point

Colt MaxiCut® Plus Forstner Bit with Lip & Spur Drill Center Point

With these forstner bits you can remove a lot of material quickly and easily. The cutting edges are durable but can also easily be resharpened. The lip & spur drill center point is fully adjustable in length for angled work. It can be replaced with any 3 or 4 mm lip & spur wood drill bit if necessary.

The new cutting head design combines the advantages of a forstner bit with those of a saw-tooth bit. It is designed for flexibility, machining half, slanted, overlapping, and deep holes. The chip breaker on the main cutting head, in combination with the patented, edged, center point, help to reduce the overheating problems so common in these bits and so add greatly to the working life. The manufacturer tested these bits by making over 1,000 test holes in Bongossi wood, known for its extreme hardness, with a 35 mm bit. After this test, the edge was slightly worn. But after sharpening, it passed the same 1,000-hole test.

The Colt MaxiCut bits work well many materials:
  • All species of hardwoods, even extremely hard tropical woods
  • All species of softwoods
  • Endgrain
  • MDF-board
  • Factory veneered laminated woods
  • Corian
  • Pertinax
You can use Colt MaxiCut® bits in these machines:
  • Hand-held electric drills
  • Drill presses
  • Dedicated production machines
  • CNC-production machines

The design of the shaft helps to eliminate problems with the bit turning in the chuck when drilling in hard or tough materials. The ROTASTOP® wave shaft All Colt MaxiCut® forstner bits come with this feature. This wave form provides another big advantage: the extension shafts are machined to match the bit shafts and so cannot turn, are automatically exactly centered and need no set screws. In theory, the shafts can be combined to make any length you want. They be found down below on this page.

Video: Colt Forstnerbit MaxiCut (15 MB)

Video: Sharpening Colt Forstnerbit MaxiCut (15 MB)

Forstner bit Colt MaxiCut® Plus Forstner Bit
The bit features a fully adjustable lip & spur drill center point, a chip breaker on the main cutter, and ROTASTOP® waved shaft

Recommended Rotations Per Minute:
900 - 3000 RPM, depending on the material and the diameter of the bit head. To profit fully from the design of the MaxiCut, you need to run the bit at relatively high RPMs. So if in doubt, try running the bit a little faster!

Drilling depth: Total length minus Shank length!
Front view
View 12 mm and 38 mm bit

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Diameter Diameter
Center Bit
Shank Total
36 3 10 110 30
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Colt RotaStop® Extension Shaft
Colt RotaStop® Extension Shaft
These extension shafts use a socket precisely shaped to fit over the ROTASTOP® wave form of the Colt MaxiCut bits. The high tolerance of the fit between the two pieces guarantees an optimal transmission of torque to the bit, eliminating the chance of slippage. The join between the extension and bit is bombproof and automatically 100% centered, minimizing wobble, without the need for fiddling with a set screw. The MaxiCut® extension shafts can in theory be used together to achieve any desired length. To loosen the extension after long use, you will need an 11 mm open-ended wrench. These extension shafts can only be used with the MaxiCut® forstner bits with the RotaStop® shaft configuration!
More on the RotaStop Principle

The outer diameter of the extension shafts is 14 mm, and the diameter of the RotaStop shaft is 10 mm. So the extension shafts require a minimum bit head diameter of 15 mm to be used. Maximum bit head diameter 40 mm!

Extension 90 mm with bit 35 mm
Bit 35 mm with 2 Extensions

Colt RotaStop® Extension 90 mm

Reduced from * € 22.50

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