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Inspection Magnifier

Inspection Magnifiers

A magnifier, or jeweller's magnifying glass, for inspecting fine details such as the cutting edges of tools may seem to some an unnecessary luxury, but when you are in the habit of using one, you will never want to be without it. Take a look below!

Magnifying Glass
This folding lens made of plastic has 3 fold-away lenses each with a 3.5x magnification. Superimpose the lenses to obtain either 7x or 10.5x magnification.
Lens diameter incl. rim 23 mm
Made by Shinwa in Japan.
Code 311240CartPrice € 12.50
Stand Magnifier
This stand magnifier with its heavy cast-iron base is ideal whenever an object has to be inspected at leisure. The 3x magnification suffices in many cases and has the benefit that the eye is less irritated compared with a high-magnification lens. The adjusting mechanism with wing nut supports multidimensional adjustment in height and depth.
Weight 400 g
Lens diameter incl. rim 64 mm
Supplied with plastic dust cover.
Made by Shinwa in Japan.
Code 311241CartPrice € 35.50
Magnifying Glass with 6x Magnification (Jeweler's Glass)
This high-quality folding magnifier made in Japan has a 25 mm diameter lens. The 6x magnification is ideal for inspecting the sharpness of cutting edges or intricate assemblies. The base plate has a millimetre scale. The solidly built aluminium frame is black anodised.
Code 309620CartPrice € 22.90
Magnifying Glass with 15x Magnification and Adjustable Focus

The focus of this small base magnifier with a plastic housing is adjusted by rotating the black lens mount. With the magnifier placed on the object you want to inspect you will always be able to work at the optimal distance to the lens. The underside of the transparent round conical base is closed except for a 7 x 7 mm square. Inside the base along the edges of the square either side of the central zero position there is a 3 mm long scale with 0.1 mm increments. Click on the image to see an enlarged version of this scale.

15x Magnification
Lens diameter 20 mm
Bottom diameter 35 mm
Height 25 - 35 mm
Code 311243CartPrice € 19.90
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