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Spirit Levels, Vials

Spirit Levels, Vials

Here you find a wide variety of levels and vials for nearly all kind of use.
Most of our levels and vials come from Ebisu Diamond, a leading Japanese manufacturer.

About sensitivity and accuracy of Ebisu vials and levels

Sensitivity and Precision
Sensitivity 0.35 mm/m = 0.0201°
Precision  ±1.00 mm/m = within±0.0537°
  • The figure shows sensitivity and the accuracy of the bubble tube.
  • Sensitivity is an inclination when the bubble begins to move.
  • Accuracy is a difference in the range of 0° ± accuracy.
  1. Ebisu has created a marking system which classifies sensitivity, precision, and precision for use, so that users can properly understand the quality of Ebisu's products without any misreading.
  2. Sensitivity is not equal to precision.
  3. Sensitivity is used to indicate "the minimum volume of a gradient between a horizontal surface (or a vertical surface) forms with a level when a bubble of the level starts to move."
  4. Precision is defined to indicate "a reading of a certain measuring instrument or a comprehensive satisfactory performance including accuracy and precision (minimized dispersion in the values of measurement)" in the "Glossary of Measurement" of JISZ8103 (Japanese Industrial Standard). Ebisu generally inspects precision on a flat surface board which is class 0 of JIS B7513; however, there is dispersion on frames and/or vials of levels in terms of processing; as well as structural error. Therefore, precision is shown so that users can understand that there may be a dispersion in true values within the range of "0°±precision" even if a measurement of 0° is read out.
  5. It is impossible for Ebisu to set limits of a condition of use, as shown in the table. Use the numerical value of sensitivity and precision as just a reference.
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