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Profile Gauges, Bar Gauge Heads

Profile Gauges, Bar Gauge Heads

Profile Gauges are an invaluable aid for copying curved shapes. Steel needles conform to any shape it is pressed against.

SHINWA Profile Gauges

These Japan made profile gauges come with stable stainless steel needles. The needles keep their position well after you have taken the profile.

Small Profile Gauge 150 mm

Working length 145 mm
Max. profile depth 48 mm
Needle diameter 0.8 mm

Code 309630CartPrice € 14.90
12+ items each € 12.90

Medium Profile Gauge 200 mm

Working length 190 mm
Max. profile depth 81 mm
Needle diameter 1.0 mm

Code 309632CartPrice € 27.90
10+ items each € 25.90

Large Profile Gauge 300 mm

Working length 290 mm
Max. profile depth 106 mm
Needle diameter 1.0 mm

Code 309631CartPrice € 49.90
8+ items each € 43.90
Profile Gauge 2 x 200 mm

This profile gauge is designed for fast tracing of complex contours. The two 20 cm long elements holding the tracer pins are easily slotted together to meet specific requirements. The elements can also be connected at an angle using the angle connector that is part of the product package. The template’s flat and even contact surface makes for easy transfer of the traced profile line to other workpieces. There is no restriction on the number of elements that can be slotted together.

  • Simple tracing of complex contours
  • Elements can be slotted in series
  • Elements can also be connected at an angle
  • Slimline design for easy transfer of profile lines to a workpiece
  • With millimetre and inch scales
Product package:
  • 2 tracing elements each 20 cm long
  • 1 angle connector
  • Plastic box

Tracer pin dimensions 85 x 0.8 mm
Measuring depth 50 mm

This device is fit for purpose, but in terms of quality fails to match the profile gauges at the top of this page. Above all the plastic connections are fairly stiff to begin with and the angle connector will need a light tap when maneuvered under the screw hole for the first time. In the middle section, the tracer pins can be securely locked; towards either end the holding strength diminishes, ie, the pins here are more likely to slip out of position.

Direct connection
Angle connection

Code 307042CartPrice € 29.50
Small Plastic Profile Gauge

This contour gauge is suitable for sensitive objects.

Working length 127 mm
Max. profile depth 31 mm
Cross section of plastic fingers 20 x 1.3 mm

Code 300153CartPrice € 6.90
Large Plastic Profile Gauge

This tracing profile gauge is suitable for sensitive objects.

Working length 257 mm
Max. profile depth 31 mm
Cross section of plastic fingers 20 x 1.3 mm

Code 300154CartPrice € 12.50

You can connect 2 tracing gauges to increase the working length. Instructions how it works!

Veritas Bar Gauge Heads

Simple bar gauges are among the most useful tools in a shop. They have two primary purposes, comparing measurements (such as ensuring equal diagonals in drawers or carcasses to guarantee squareness) and transferring measurements. Two brass pins for transferring inside or outside measurements smaller than the length of the sticks are included. Wood NOT included!     More...

Code 307870CartPrice € 14.95

Veritas Bar Gauge Set

Using a bar gauge lets you directly transfer and compare dimensions without conversion to numbers, reducing the chance of transcription errors. You can even use it to quickly test an assembly for squareness by checking that the diagonals are equal.

This bar gauge has a base unit that consists of two 6 inch (150 mm) steel rods fixed to aluminum clamp heads. The rods have threaded end holes that accept interchangeable brass tips or extension rods (included).

Three styles of tips are included: ball tips for inside measurements (the rounded ends avoid marring softwood), pointed tips for inside corner measurements, and mushroom-shaped tips(diameter 21 mm) to hook over edges for outside measurements. The distance between the ends of the round or pointed tips is equal to the distance between the inside faces of the mushroom-shaped tips – this lets you convert an inside measurement to an outside measurement just by switching tips.

The clamp heads have large thumbscrews and slide easily for quick adjustment. The base unit adjusts from 7-1/2 inch (190 mm) to 12 inch (305 mm). Two pairs of extension rods are included, 4 inch (102 mm) and 12 inch (305 mm), allowing a maximum span of 44 inch (1117 mm). For greater reach, additional 12 inch extension rods are available.

A fast, reliable way to get the true measurement, not just the closest ruler mark. Replace "measure twice, cut once" with "gauge once, cut once!". Made in Canada.

Code 308920CartPrice € 59.90
Large Tip for VERITAS Bar Gauge

A 35 mm diameter mushroom-shaped tip is available for the Veritas bar gauge. lt not only provides a larger reference face when hooking edges for outside measurements but is reversible for inside measurements. With the flat side facing out, it provides a stable platform for the bar gauge when transferring vertical measurements.

Code 308922CartPrice € 7.95
Pair 12 inch Bar Gauge Extension Rods

For greater reach!

Code 308921CartPrice € 14.95
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